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Check in from Nashville 12.30.08 at 9:15 am ET
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Night one is in the books. The Meterparels and the Ciaccios arrived in Nashville at around 12:30 yesterday.  We are at the Gaylord Opryland resort.  The place is like Disney, country style, everything you need is under one big window (literally–the ceiling is made of windows so you can see outside).  They have everything from restaurants to coffee shops to a joint where I can buy a cowboy hat and boots, and I am looking forward to going to the Bass Pro Shop at some point.  We walked around this huge complex for a couple hours, hit the gym then headed out to line dance and hear some local country music.

We go to hail a cab and I run into a limo driver, he tells me that he just had a cancellation and that he would take us downtown for the same rate as a cab (50 bucks round-trip).  So, no disrespect to cabbies, we jumped at the chance.  This guy was a wealth of knowledge when it came to downtown Nashville.  He gave us a quick tour of downtown and recommended a good BBQ joint.  I mean come on, we’re in Nashville, you didn’t think we were going to eat Italian, did you?  We walk into the local bar Rippy’s, belly up to the bar and all heads turn to us, the misfits, the Yankees who don’t quite fit in.  We sit at the bar and the band starts playing the banjo boy song from deliverance, I kid you not, and I thought Meter was gonna be the next Ned Beatty!  He got a real pretty mouth ain’t he?  I ordered the local brew, a Fat Tire, a heavy ale with a kick, had a good taste but one of those beers that you can only have one or two if you plan on eating.  I get the bbq pork loin on Texas toast, great eats and good local feel.  We finish up there and head over to “Tooties” according to our limo guy Mike, Tooties is connected to a concert hall where all the famous acts would sneak over between sets and drink a few beers.  This bar reminded me of Copperfields in Boston, small stage right when you walk in on your right, great local talent again!  This bar was to small for us, it was packed so we moved on to an Iggy recommended spot, the Stage.  Huge bar, again I am going to sound like the DJ from Fred Clause saying the same thing, but great local talent, as far as country music goes.  There were a few local drunks on the dance floor, started out with this woman, had to be about 55 or so, had way to many White Zins, she got the whole crowd dancin’ as she stumbled to the floor and was doing what Billy Idol told us all to do back in the 80’s.  We ended the night with the Meterparels at around midnight, they headed in and the Ciaccio’s headed back out, this time to the Jack Daniels bar here in the hotel for a night cap.

Now that I have bored you with what I was doing night one in Nashville, I am headed to LP Field,  home of the Titans, to set up some equipment for tomorrow’s broadcast, and find where Kerry Collins hides the Vodka, heard on weei at 3pm pregame 330 kickoff, then off to the Country Music Hall of fame and maybe the Predators pro shop, hey gotta get my nephew something for taking care of my dog!  I’ll check in tomorrow before the game to give a review of the CMHoF.  Thanks for reading and send along some emails, I want to do a mailbag like my man Curt!

A few things we didn’t get to this morning. 12.16.08 at 9:00 am ET
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I wanted to post a couple videos that are better seen than heard on the radio.  One was a tip off from, a d and c favorite website, sportsbybrooks.  After the ‘Cuse dropped their game to the high powered Cleveland State, and us non Syracuse grads love this because our office is filled with Orange grads, Jim Boeheim took out his frustration on a microphone!

Also being in the Christmas spirit I saw another video, youtube is the best, that I thought you all might get a laugh.  I did.  Whether you drive a hybrid like Iggy or a gas guzzler like Gerry, this is funny!  You don’t have to believe strongly either way.  Just watch and let me know what you think!

Final plug for Jeff Pearlman’s book Boys will Be Boys.  I am only through half of it and I can’t put it down!  The most disturbing chapter to me, so far, is the Charles Haley (chapter 9).  The most interesting thing that I have learned is that Jimmy Johnson was a big booze hound, and he traded Steve DeOssie.  I am still working the DeOssie angle to find out what really happened that got him traded!

BC goes down, but who expected them to get this far? And a couple other things. 12.08.08 at 6:04 pm ET
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Final Thoughts on the Eagles.

I for one am sick of all the talk of those who say, “same old BC, choke in the big games.”  Now lets break it down a little bit more.  Jags summed it up nicely by saying this was the best TEAM he has ever been around. Last year you had a Heisman candidate on your team who you could lean on, who would take pressure off everyone around him.  This team leaned on its defensive unit as a whole and, as we all watched, the injury bug hit them, and hit them hard, the biggest name being Brian Toal.  Chris Crane, as one famous coach says, is what he is.  It took him a while to grasp the fact that Matt Ryan was no longer there, and it took Meter time as well, and that he was the man to steer this ship, and he had to learn how to earn the teams “trust.” They had/have a very young offense, Montel Harris, who nobody had on their radar, a true freshman, Josh Haden, true freshman a bit intimidating going from High School to ACC starter.  A lot of people don’t realize that BC tends to lose that blue chip prospect the other power houses in the SEC and ACC.  Lets be honest it is academics first athletics second at BC, and it should be, where at other schools it seems to be the opposite.    Trust me when I tell you, when you walk into Death Valley and there are 80,000 crazed Tiger fans on game day, there 5 hours before a game and 3 after, plus the fact that you are a god down there, it makes it a bit difficult to sell the Heights.  The Eagles coaches deserve a ton of credit for putting this team in a position to have played in the championship game this past Saturday.  Isn’t there one name that deserves some head coaching consideration, try Frank Spaziani.  One of the best coordinators in college football.  With all the injuries the defense had this past season, Spaziani still had the Eagles defense tops in some categories in the ACC.  First in Yards given up per game (273.4), total rushing yards (1198), interceptions (26), INTs for td’s(5), so the question remains, why isn’t Spaz in the talks for any of these job openings?

Yesterday’s Pats game via the TV.

Isn’t there some young, up and coming broadcaster out there that CBS can hire?  I am looking for the CBS’s version of  eJo Buck.  Dick Enberg was awful yesterday.  Calling Ben Watson, Randy Moss, on Watson’s TD catch.  I mean come on, you are working for CBS not the Local Access channel.  You should know who is who, and if you don’t wait until your spotter id’s him for you, and since the BC season is over I am looking for another gig.  Also, I like Randy Cross, but buddy lets lose the Boogie Nights porn mustache!  And while I am venting on announcers how about Brad Nessler at the ACC luncheon on Friday.  He didn’t know how pronounce Mark Hezlich’s name, he said Mark Zerzlick, what preparation.

Now that football is over, I’ll try to hit the blog a couple times a week, excluding Christmas and New Years.  As always, and this means that one guy that blasts me and curses me out, send questions and comments to  Thanks, Chach.

Tampa FL, Are you ready for the ACC championship game? 12.05.08 at 2:51 pm ET
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Live from Tampa its Chach

Okay,  its been a few days since I have blogged so here goes, and a ton of pictures to boot.  As most of you have heard, Meter and I weren’t at work today.  I heard the boys came up with some of their fresh, new and hilarious, Meter and I had to share a room, who’s bigger, you know the gut busting stuff.

Woke up at about 8am and sat in bed for awhile watching sports center.  Can I just say that I hate ESPN with a passion, Enough college hoops, their season just started, give me more NHL highlights, go B’s.  Sorry about that, so I made sure that Mark Herzlich called into the show, then I went on a 6 mile run along the Hillsborough Bay.  Saw a few dolphins jump in the bay, now I don’t know if it was Flipper or Ricky Williams but it was pretty cool to see.  What a great way to start the morning!

Headed to Quiznos (did I spell that right Bradford?) for a sandwich, then headed to Raymond James Stadium.  I will try to do little writing here and load as many pictures as I can!  Bear with my camera phone images, Hacks with Hags had the higher quality video image camera.

I thought this was cool (image to left).  It is a sand sculpture in the lobby of the hotel.  I thought that is pretty cool!

Okay, I did get to walk on the field.  To the left is a view of the BC’s End Zone turf/sod.  Clearly this is not, what was supposed to be, the best turf in the NFl.  To the right is a larger image of the same spot.  You won’t see Paul McGuire bring this to you on the broadcast tomorrow now will you?

It will be a great ball game tomorrow at 1pm, heard on WEEI, I think both defenses will be stout.  Meter’s new “Matt Ryan,” Mark Herzlich will have to continue his, Defensive Player of the Year, play, and Dominic Davis has to keep the ball away from the quick and tough Va Tech defense.  My pick for the game, BC 24 Va Tech 14, do you smell the oranges?   Oh yeah one more photo to share with you.  On my way home from setting up the equipment for tomorrow’s broadcast, this place (image below) is about 200 yards away, and no Meter and I haven’t been there….yet!  Don’t forget to check out the game on EEI tomorrow and go Eagles!  And Bradford, hopefully you’ll pick up the 5.99 it cost me to get on line in the Hyatt, come on you dot comers have all kinds of expense funds!

Weekend in Winston Salem… 11.22.08 at 10:17 pm ET
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The weekend started with our flight to Greensboro. Started to watch ‘€œYou don’€™t mess with the Zohan,’€ but it wasn’€™t that good, although I did get a laugh while Sandler danced on the beach early on. The team stayed at the Grandover Resort. Dino would have loved this place, right on a golf course, it was all for naught the temperature there was around 40 degrees. Great gym as well.

We traveled to the home of College Sports, ISP. I have never been blown away more by a facility than I was at their headquarters. I’€™ll just ask this question, how many businesses have a half court basketball court, use able, in their lobby? This place did. ISP is the home base of BC and about 60 other college broadcasts (football and basketball). Blown away is all I can say about it! It was cool to see the place where it all ‘€œhappens.’€ The broadcast team all took shots at the basket, believe it or not Jayme Parker was the one that made most of the baskets. Above the half court, is about 70 stadium seats, for presentations.

Onto the game, started off well for the Eagles, they forced Wake to a three and out, then marched down field and put 3 on the board. Then Mark Herzlich had another pick six, second one in as many weeks. Things looked great for the eagles, until Chris Crane got tackled on an option keeper, fractured collarbone, out for the rest of the game. In an instant the whole complexion of the game was changed. Enter Dominic Davis, the kid hasn’€™t played since game 4 versus Rhode Island, and let’€™s be honest, that wasn’€™t much in the way of the experience we want. It took Dominic a while to shake the rust off, in fact, it wasn’€™t gone until the fourth quarter with four minutes left on the clock. Double D showed that he can play at this level and under the white hot spotlight. BC’€™s survival was put in his hands. Up until that point it seemed Barack Obama promised ‘€œchange’€ more times than the amount of three and outs the Eagles had. Wake just pinned their ears back and brought the house every time Double D went back to pass, hell I would have brought he neighbors along with me as well if I were calling plays. But with about 3 minutes left on the clock, facing a 3rd and 6 Double D came through and came through ‘€œMatty Ice-esque’€ hitting Brandon Robinson in the flat for a nine yard gain. He followed that up with a bomb to B-Rob down to the Deacons 20 yard line. Four plays later, a Double D sneak over center, two point conversion is good, Eagles 24 Demon Decons 21.

Larry King

I have to admit, I missed the Larry King Live interview with the pregnant man/woman the other night. I’€™ve got to give all the credit to Gerry for finding reading about it and forwarding me the sound. I had more people, on the trip to Wake, tell me that that 10 minutes of radio was the funniest they have heard in a while. I have to be honest I was rolling in the control room as well. I love it when the guys are laughing so hard that they have trouble talking on the air. I’€™ll have to wear out that ‘€œreally I didn’€™t know that’€ and ‘€œwhere did you learn that the internet’€ as drops.

Air Travel

Now this may only bother me, I keep wondering on these flights with BC, why they show us that video on emergencies. Now I know it is law or required by the FAA. But couldn’€™t they cut it shorter, who doesn’€™t know how to buckle a seat belt, honestly. If you don’€™t know how to do that you shouldn’€™t be on the plane. I’€™d give a pass to those under 15 but really, who doesn’€™t know this? And when they say, in case of a change in cabin pressure oxygen masks will fall from about, put over your head and Breath Normally. Breath Normally, he honey that thing falls and I am yelling at the pilot, the flight attendants, coaches, players, whoever. The last thing I am doing is ‘€œbreathing normally.’€

Jags Separated at Birth?

Every week, when on the road, I am one of the last to get on the plane.  After a win, when I get on the plane all the players think I look like Jags.  It becomes a whole production.  Jags gets up and plays along.  It happened again before we left Wake.  Here are two photos, tell me what you think?

College Gameday

My final thought for the weekend is, if you are on a show that is watched by millions of college football fans, or just football fans in general. Don’€™t you think you should get the names of say a coach right at week 9 or 10? The boys on ESPN’€™s college gameday can’€™t seem to say Spaziani. They have said Spaziano, Spaziana. Here is a bit of advice fellas, you have about 60 people working on the set, get an intern, producer, technician who can flip through media guides and get the pronunciation of players/coaches/AD’€™s right, then you won’€™t sound STUPID!

Prediction for Pats

Great breakdown of the Wildcat offense by Borges the other day in the herald. My prediction, and I wouldn’€™t be the house on this, but I like the Pats 24-13. I think BB, being the defensive genius that he is, will combat the 5-7 Wildcat plays the Dolphins will run and Matt Cassel will be able to, with the help from the man number 12 over the week, pick apart the Miami defense. To be totally honest, I would run it about 10 times right at Joey Porter, see if he can back up his loud mouth with continued great play, unless it is all being done with smoke and mirrors and a bit of Tuna down there in Miami. Thanks for reading, and as always you can email me at, fire me off a question or two about something you might want to have me write about or even about the job, I’€™d be happy to answer it. I’€™ll hit you all up again mid week.