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Me vs. Schilling and Stephen A

07.07.09 at 12:19 pm ET
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If you haven’t got enough Sarah Palin talk check out me and Curt Schilling slugging it out – link

G-Dick and Felger had a very interesting and honest interview with Stephen A. Smith regarding the Rasheed Wallace trade and basketball in Boston

More with “The Three Dicks” — Felger, Meter and Dickerson tomorrow at 6a.  Line up those calls and start sending in those e-mails.

Who’s hotter for the fourth of July!

07.01.09 at 11:16 am ET
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So going into the holiday weekend, I thought that your trek to your vacation destination would be helped by a little Pam and Joanna.  Now I know for some of your vacation you’ll be sitting in traffic, but here are two images to get you through those texting drivers or they could be elderly drivers.  Either way enjoy your trip and have a safe 4th!

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New Jack-O Links

06.29.09 at 6:29 am ET
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Here are a few links to some amazing new stories on Wack-O Jack-O –

What Jack-O looked like at the time of his death…not pretty

Guess what?  Jackson is not the father of his kids

The show was scheduled to go on

Looping for Faxon!

06.25.09 at 12:52 pm ET
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Okay, so everyone knows I caddied for Faxon on Wednesday at the Travelers Pro Am at River Highlands on Wednesday.  Let me first say it was a blast.  Faxon has to be one of the nicest guys on tour.  He stopped between every hole and signed autographs for kids from one to 92.  His Real caddy, Nick Hunter, great guy as well, had no problem with me hauling the bag.  In fact, I think he was happy I was there so he could comb the course for situations Fax could get himself into this weekend.  We played in front of Dwight Evans and Chris “Boomer” Berman.  Quick digression here, on 16 par 3 164 over water.  I bet Faxon that “Boomer” would put it in the water, he did, must have had one to many Du Du Du’s.  Anyway, I get the bag on what was an overcast day a few showers but muggy!  We get a cart ride to the range with Fax, Nick, myself and Justin Leonard and his caddy.  Fax is walking towards the range when Sandy Koufax is walking toward him, people swarm the ropes and set up a huge mob scene.  Here I am walking down a wet hill trying to fight through the throng of people.  Fax goes over and embraces Sandy and they talk for a few minutes.

Over at the tee, Fax is set up between Lee Janzen and Doug Flutie.  Dwight Evans comes by to say hello.  We all sprint back up the hill after Fax its some range balls, and no I didn’t steal any….as far as you know.  We get to tee one and that is where I get my apron!  Sweet I’m now official!

Greatest moment of the day on hole one, Fax rips one down the left side of the fairway.  We are walking down one, Fax stops to sign autographs and I hear him yell, “its gonna be a great day I have Chach from the Dennis and Callahan show Caddying for me today!”  I have a new respect for caddy’s every where now.  His bag, no lie, weighed about 85 pounds.  That was after he removed a few items at the turn.  Not only do these guys have to brave the elements, they also have to get distances to the front of the green and to the pin.  All from the markers.  Now I know how to get it from me, getting it for Faxon, there was no shot in hell I would take a stab at getting him a distance, ’cause I suck at it!  But I did read three puts for him, and he one putted the final hole thanks, in part, to some of my read.

According to one email today to the show, they said I was a dink.  Sir, I am sorry, I should have thought you’d want to talk to me over Brad Bleepin Faxon.   Plus I really had to pee.  And to the man on 13 who yelled something along the lines of “Chach looks like you’re struggling a bit,” Damn right I was, 85 pounds up hill, both ways in the snow, sorry I couldn’t resist.  I was doing okay, I only got a half a turkey sandwich at the turn so I was running on fumes.  But thank god I got to the turn before Berman or I wouldn’t have even gotten that.  Nutri System should ask him to Not be a spokesman!  People asked me why I did this.  Why the hell not.  To be inside the ropes, talk golf for five hours with one of the greatest putters on the tour, need I say more?

I did get the chance to hit a ball on 18 and everyone is giving me crap about it.  I did shank it into the gallery on the left hand side, although, thanks to the weather, the crowd was small I didn’t kill anyone.  But do me a favor, next time you’re out golfing take 85 pounds, strap it to your waist, walk 6.8 miles, up and down hill, then try to hit a ball.  No warm ups, grip it and rip it.  Oh and did I mention the gallery?  and the fact that I was on the 18th tee with a Pro Golfer?  Am I trying to defend my gaffe, damn right!  I have to thank Brad Faxon and the great Nick Hunter for letting me take part in yesterday!

Team in the MITTS!!!

06.23.09 at 12:10 pm ET
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So we took your advice and man were you all WAY off.  Train wreck radio at its best!  But the pictures were worth it!  Don’t worry it won’t happen again, but if Megan Fox comes in all bets are off!