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Great Day

11.05.08 at 9:27 am ET
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Today is a great day to be an American.  President Elect Barack Obama has a huge task ahead of him.  The Nation spoke and he was clearly the best choice in this election and one of the best candidates of the last 25 years.

We’ll get back to sports tomorrow but I leave you with this clip from CNN last night.  Like Kevin Garnett says…anything’s possible.

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This Should Get You Going Today

11.04.08 at 9:58 am ET
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Make sure you hit the polls before they close!

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Election Day is Here

11.03.08 at 4:20 pm ET
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This campaign is 21 months old. I think it’s safe to say we are all tired of it and ready for tomorrow. It is the greatest right as an American to be able to vote. Barack Obama is the American Dream. He has the steady hand and sound judgment we need in these tough times. The GOP has thrown everything at him, they have called him a terrorist, a muslin, a bigot, yet he has never lost his cool and has always focused on the American people. John McCain has forgot this election is about the people of America. He is running an anti-Obama campaign. Barack Obama from the beginning has shown this election is about the American people and what the power of hope can accomplish. Trickle down economics does not work and he understands that. He doesn’t believe we should stay in a war just so we can say we “won the war.” It’s about saving American lives rather then proving we were right to invade a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11. For all these reasons when you cast your ballot tomorrow, cast it for Barack Obama.


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My Mistake, and my Pick for President!

10.30.08 at 5:41 pm ET
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I wanted to fix an error I made in my last post, 10 questions with Mike O’Malley!  I said I emailed him the questions in July.  It was actually in August, the 28th to be exact!  Mike emailed me my error!  Mike I apologize 1000 times!  I was just breaking chops.  I would also like to take this time to, again, thank Mike for taking the time to answer those questions!  I know he is busy with his new gig on NBC My Own Worst Enemy!

A little politics from a guy who would rather let Dennis and Callahan discuss them, it is their show after all.  But I am a McCain guy.  I am surprised at myself that I actually did a bunch of research on Barack, because for a while I was mixed on who to vote for!  I don’t really believe the Obama/Biden ticket on their “tax policy”  in the past few weeks they have gone from, a break for those making less than 250,000, to 200,000 and then at the beginning of the week 150,000 from that loose cannon Joe Biden.  They can’t get on the same page!  Also I can’t get over the Rev. Wright sound clips and video that I have seen and the drops I play on the show.  I guy who says “God Damn America,” sorry that doesn’t fly with me.  So it comes down to trust for me, I feel that I can trust McCain, trust that he will listen to both sides of the isle, he has the experience that we need, not a guy who is going to have on the job training or that voted present 130 times!  I haven’t even mentioned his buddy Bill Ayers, anybody that kicks off his political career in the living room of a guy who participated in bombing the US Capitol and the Pentagon, I’ve got a little problem with that, but don’t let those little facts get in the way of “Change” Iggy!

Just Talk Sports

For those who call or email the show asking for us to talk sports, here is my answer for you, You start, go ahead.  What do you want us to talk about?  Varitek’s contract?  The C’s game 1?  Pats Rams.  Those subjects have been addressed, but let me let you in on a little behind the scenes, NOBODY calls in on them, they are boring.  Folks we are coming to the end of one of the most important elections in our lifetimes, at least in mine.  And the talk is far more engaging than how many years they should give Tek.  Trust me I would love the guys to talk about a sport I love, hockey, but you can’t really break down a game, the only guy that can do that effectively is Dale!  Oh I left out that riveting world series, didn’t you hear Meter explain that the ratings were way down on them?  Well they were!  Bear with the guys for a few more days then they can bore you with a good 3 months of Tek talk!

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Who’s Smokin/Who’s Chilled

10.30.08 at 9:28 am ET
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I’m completely ripping this off from every other website, TV show and newspaper so don’t rip me for being unoriginal……..Who’s Smokin’ / Who’s Chilled

Who’s Smokin’

Pats D-Line

Glad to see them show up the last 2 weeks. I’ve talked about Richard Seymour before, but he has shown up and as goes Big Sey, so goes the pats D-Line. When Seymour, Wilfork, and Ty Warren are on their games, the Pats become a Super Bowl Contender.


We make fun of their slogan, “The Best Political Team on Television,” but they are. Night in and night out they provide the most balance and always make me think and tell me something I don’t know. Fox News has always been a joke and MSNBC has become the same.

Lane Kiffin

He is the hot name for all the top college coaching jobs in the country. Clemson, Syracuse and Washington all are interested in the ex-Raider coach. Possible openings at Tennessee, Auburn and Washington State are all good fits for Kiffin. Being fired by Crazy Al Davis is the best thing to ever happen to him. He will take over one of these programs in January and I have no doubt will be successful….unless he takes the Syracuse job.

Who’s Chilled

Jabar Gaffney

The Pats receiver has 2 catches in the last 2 games for a total of 21 yards. Matt Cassel seems to have found a groove with Randy Moss and Kevin Faulk, which is a good thing, but Gaffney is a valuable weapon that Cassel needs to take advantage of.

Saturday Night Live

After the best month of sketch comedy we have seen in a long time, SNL took a week off last Saturday with a terrible show. One funny skit in 90 minutes is unacceptable.

Mass Politicians

This week has not been kind to the folks on Beacon Hill. No one believed things were on the “up and up” in the world of Mass politics, but the Dianne Wilkerson story has made us all want to take a shower and elect new leaders to run our state.

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