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Hockey Talk On D&C

04.15.09 at 12:19 pm ET
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After 12 months of begging, Chach has finally got Dino and Gerry to agree to talk some Bruins.  Tomorrow at 8:10a Andy Brickley will join us.  (Jack Edwards was not available, sorry Chach)

If you have any B’s questions or predictions, line up the calls right at 6:00a!

Also, make sure you vote in our poll — How excited are you for the B’s/Habs series.

What is your level of excitement for the Bruins/Canadians series?

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Talk to you Puck-Heads tomorrow morning –

Beckett Video

04.13.09 at 8:52 am ET
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Thanks to our friends at Barstool!  Here is the video of Beckett to Abreu.

And thanks to Jack (an emailer) here is the still of Beckett’s pitch.


Joba’s DUI Tape and Jeff Garcia’s Wife

04.08.09 at 6:50 am ET
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Watch Joba try to sweet talk the police after getting pulled over for DUI in Nebraska — unreal.

Once and for all can we put the Jeff Garcia rumor to rest……this is his wife

Jeff and his wife

Jeff and his wife

Big Show Talking Points For Today At 2pm!

04.03.09 at 7:45 am ET
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Here are the talking points you will hear on the Cassel Trade throughout the day!



1) A 3 way deal takes too long to accomplish.

2) Pats had 6 days from when Cassel signed his tender to take offers…not 24 hours.

3) Cassel’s 1 year deal not as attractive as if he were under a long term contract.

4) Cassel is a system QB, the next Scott Mitchell.

5) Bill Belichick turned a 7th round pick into a 2nd round pick.

6) Pats had other business to do, couldn’t let James Sanders walk.

7) There is more to come!

8 ) The 34th pick is worth more to the Patriots than the 18th pick.

9) Shut up, you’re a TURD!!!!!

Who’s Hotter? and more Jack follow-up, and not 24.

03.30.09 at 10:55 am ET
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Okay, so last week we we did a who’s hotter with Lindsey Vonn, Helen Thomas and Anna Rawson.  So sitting in the office pre show, and reading the inside track with their picture of Bridget.  I thought a good blog post that would draw people in, besides what 5 things I am looking forward to this weekend, who is hotter, Gisele or Bridget.  Here are a couple images to help you in your comments.


Send your votes to  And just so you know, Vanity Fair on their site did a poll of who is the most beautiful woman in the world, and Angelina Jolie is leading with 64%, and Gisele with 5%.  My vote, and I hate to go against my boy (number 12), but I think that Bridget is much better looking than Gisele, disagree with me, send in your emails!

I have been on this since November…

Great games for the Bruins over the weekend, Fernandez looked a little rusty on Saturday night but they pulled out the win with an amazing hartnellseven goals.  Sunday was much more impressive, physical, crisp game in Philly versus the hated Flyers.  And is it me or shouldn’t Hartnell cut his hair?  As one astute hockey observer pointed out to me, Nick Chach, Hartnell is a wimp and only picks on the smaller guys, well said for a 6 year old.  I digress.  Here is the real reason I am posting about the Bruins.  In the second period, Jack Edwards did something I have never heard an announcer do.  He taunted the other team on the broadcast.  Sounding like, well like my 6 year old before his games.   Missed it?  I have posted it in the blog.  Honestly I blogged about this back in November, so this isn’t my first go round here.

Now will people believe me.  Again, he could be the nicest guy in the world, I don’t dislike him personally but honestly, there is no need for this during a B’s game.  So I think now I will start the BBDA campaign.  What is BBDA Chach?  Bring Back Dale Arnold!  I think I will start a facebook page, if I can figure it out.  I have held back long enough, I have tried to watch without listening, but then I miss the insight Brickley adds and helps me understand why someone will do something during the game.  That’s all for now, hopefully Meter will rent Slumdog Millionare Tuesday and watch it, and then tries to engage  D and C to talk about it and they avoid him!

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