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Quick hit thoughts on a Thursday

10.23.08 at 8:56 am ET
We’ll all be better of in 2009

Most of these Barack Obama bashers in the media have gone way over the top – including my friend Gerry Callahan. They don’t like John McCain but have been feeding off this hatred of Barack Obama for so long now they will latch onto anything and make it a huge issue. Fortunately for them, when Obama is elected in 12 days they will find out that he is a decent man with good morals, a clear vision and a plan. We will all be better after 8 years of Obama . Then again, after 8 years of the single worst leader in the history of America, anyone would be an improvement.

The NFL is great, but it can’t match the week in week out drama that College Football provides. Another amazing lineup this weekend consists of BC at North Carolina, Georgia at LSU, Kansas hosting Texas Tech and the big one – Penn State heading to face the fighting Michael Holley’s in Columbus.

If Al Davis would ever hire someone who knows what he is doing the Raiders could be a playoff team. That team has talent- JaMarcus Russell is improving and Darren McFadden is really special. The defense is opportunistic (tied for 6th in the NFL in take-a-ways with a +2) and they have a great kicker. In the words of Jr. Seau – “all they need is a chance!”

Most under rated bar in the Brighton/Boston area – Devlins in Brighton Center. Good food, cool music and a great crowd every night. I was there Tuesday and it was packed. I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

I’m looking for new restaurants to try in the Brookline/Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area – if you have found a new spot that you think more people should know about – drop me a line Just no seafood – like my good friend Jordan G always says, “If it’s from the sea, it’s not for me.”