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Monday’s Headlines recap: Michael Jackson’s filthy living conditions; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles takes top box-office spot; Is it clichéd to like The Beatles?

08.11.14 at 11:33 am ET

Here are the highlights from Monday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane and guest hosts Steve Buckley and Jon Meterparel. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— Five of singer Michael Jackson‘€™s former maids told the New York Post that the King of Pop often lived in filth at his Neverland Ranch home.

“Michael sometimes ran around where the animals were, and he’€™d track … poop throughout the house and think nothing of it,”€ one of the maids – who remained anonymous -€“ told the Post. “€œThen, if you said something, he’€™d threaten to make doo-doo snowballs and throw it at you.”

Other accusations from the maids include times in which Jackson would simply urinate on the floor, while his bedroom would constantly be filled with half-eaten chicken, empty whiskey bottles and bedbugs.

“How do five maids get together to write a book,”€ Buckley said. “Does one maid say to the next one at a coffee shop, ‘€˜Hey, do we have a book here?’€™ ”

“€œIs this the worst example of a child star gone wrong?” Minihane asked.

“I actually saw him and shook his hand in Las Vegas,”€ Meterparel said.

“€œHow do you feel about that, having read this story?” Buckley asked.

“€œNot good,” Meterparel responded.

— Talking about Jackson led Minihane to ask Buckley who his favorite musician or group was. When Buckley revealed that it was The Beatles, Minihane immediately labeled his pick as “cliche.”€

“Why is that cliche? How dare you,”€ Buckley responded.

“€œIt’€™s the ultimate cliche,” Minihane said.

Said Buckley: “€œI’€™m sorry I like the Beatles, does that hurt you in some way? … Do you want me to go with blood rock?”

“€œI said last week, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have more truly great songs than the Beatles,”€ Minihane said.

“€œThat’€™s just silly. That’€™s you being, ‘€˜Look at me.’€™ That’€™s exactly what it is,”€ Buckley said.

— One of the most beloved cartoons of the last 25 years ruled at the top of the box office this weekend, as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”€ drew the fourth-largest opening ever for an August film with $65 million over the weekend.

“It’€™s a little more 2014, and that’€™s brilliant casting, because what they do is they to try to drag the father into it – the father taking the son or the daughter – they want to see Megan Fox, the kids want to see the turtles.”

“€œYou ever see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”€ Meterparel asked Buckley.

“Not one second,”€ Buckley responded.

Marvel’€™s “Guardians of the Galaxy” finished second in the box office with $41.5 million while the tornado thriller “Into the Storm” placed third with $18 million.

“You know what I did see, ‘€˜Guardians of the Galaxy,’€ and it was good,” Meterparel said.

“Everybody says it’€™s good,”€ Minihane said. “€œIt’€™s made $313 million worldwide.”

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