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Marcus Jordan … Las Vegas … Ooops!

08.24.10 at 6:59 am ET

Like father, like son.

Marcus Jordan, the offspring of Michael Jordan, made news recently thanks to an ill-advised Tweet. The less-than-21-year-old member of the University of Central Florida men’s basketball team relayed on his Twitter account that he had a pretty good day while gambling in Las Vegas recently.

“Last night was stupid,” Marcus Jordan wrote on his Twitter account. “‘€¦ 35k at Haze’€¦ Totals 50k something the whole day.. Damn!! Going to the pool again today.. Gotta relax!” (The Tweet has since been deleted.)

The problem with the well-publicized winning streak is that the 20-year-old Jordan isn’t old enough to be participating in such activities at the club. Oh, and there is that also that issue of perception. Telling the world about your gambling exploits might not be wise when your dad has come under criticism for his excessive time at the tables.