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Jack This.

11.13.08 at 11:22 am ET

Where to start.  First off, happy birthday to , as Iggy would say my BFF,  Curt Schilling Nov 14th.  Curt I will miss all the pub we got out of you this year, next season.  Okay onto my gripe.  All 3 of my readers know that I am a Bruins fan and love to watch the games on TV, but I have three words for Jack Edwards, Please Stop Talking!  Now I don’t know Jack from Jill, I have met him once and he seems like a nice guy.  And I’m not writing this because I work with Dale, I would write this, or tell him to his face, if I worked with him as well.  Jack, it is TV and we don’t need the overkill of information/chatter/useless information.  If it were the radio, what you’re doing now would be perfect, but it is TV and I don’t need to know the B’s dumped it the 200 feet, I CAN SEE IT.  Also when a player has it on the “half boards” not a big fan of that either.  I guess what I am saying is you are giving us to much stuff, less is more, and stop with the hockey cliche’s.  You have the Remy of hockey sitting next to you, let the guy who played the game talk a little more, in fact a lot more.  Who am I to be telling you this, I am nobody but a fan of the Bruins, love to watch them, but hearing to much is killing me.  It all isn’t bad, I do appreciate the excitement, it shows you care about the Bruins, and when the time calls for it you do a great job at it, its just the down time that I don’t need all the chatter!

Ty Law

Ty, welcome back to the NFL, sorry it is with the Jets.  I, for one, would have loved a reunion with old number 24.  Now we know it wasn’t about the money, a prorated salary of 850,000 vet minimum(which is around 340,000).  It is a great thing for the rivalry, more story lines when these two teams come together.  Thats why the NFL Network is going 5-8 with Pregame!  I love the NFL Network!  If Ty came to the Pats, I think it would have made them more of an option to go to the AFC championship game.  Then came the injury to A.T., plus Rodney and we all know the most important injury, 12.


My friend Meghan.  Meghan we don’t know each other, but I appreciate you reading and the criticism, as noted above about Jack Edwards, if I can dish it out, I have to be able to take it.  In case you all missed it, Megan sent an email to the show about…well read it for yourself:


John – while I give chach enormous props for truly getting the station ‘blogging’ during spring training this year, I am begging you to PLEASE tell him to stop using an exclamation point to end EVERY sentence. He is adored by us all, I promise you. But please rip the number 1 key from his keyboard for the forseable future so that we can restore some levity to his musings.  – Meghan

Meghan, its my Blog!!! and I’ll Exlamation what I want!!! When I want to!!!  Seriously, thanks for the email and I’ll try to tone it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Next post.  Again thanks for reading, comments and feedback to