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Extreme Makeover: D&C Edition

04.04.13 at 5:53 am ET

By now I’m sure you’ve heard John and Gerry pointing out how unkempt some of the rest of us on the show appear. Granted, Minihane has reacted well and even shown up in a button-down shirt or two, but I’ve just been sticking to my guns. My old, dingy flannel guns. But our buddy Bill at Milton’s decided enough was enough and got us looking nice and sharp. Even our new producer Lumpy, who’s only been on board three days, but has worked all three of them in what I swear is the same black polo shirt. Check out the transformation below.

Before: Me (left) and Lumpy

I got some fresh duds, but I still think that shirt kicks ass. The other guys are just jealous of my swag.

Our friend Bill, modeling Wolfie’s new sport coat

Kirk, still a bit o the shabby side, but looking forward to the big transformation.

I could totally pull this off, but Gerry had first dibs.

And finally, three dudes looking extra sharp thanks to Bill and Milton’s.