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FSU, I got your tomahawk chop right here

11.15.08 at 1:26 pm ET

Game Day:

BC FSU 8 pm kickoff tonight at Doak S. Campbell Stadium.  It will be a black out, as FSU will wear black shirts and pants, and encourage fans attending to wear black as well.  Since we are already at the stadium, I know a bit early for an 8pm kickoff, but we have to go when the early bus leaves.  I thought I would bring you a few images of what we do when there are late games:  First off, you have to know Meterparels eating habits.  The greaser the food the better.  One of his favorite stops is Steak-N-Shake, so we took off for lunch at noon headed for, you guessed it SNS.  To the left Meter is enjoying a Frisco melt, Jayme Parker got the same thing (her first ever trip to SNS), I had the Portobello Mushroom and Swiss burger.  As we left Jparker put a cool lid on Meterparel, for a guy that doesn’t like to wear hats it took him a while to remove this one!  You get a free bowl of soup with that hat?  Oh it looks good on you!

Tonight’s game will be a big test for the BC offensive linemen, not only will they have the crowd noise(another picture on that to follow), but they will have to deal with Everette Brown, a 6 foot 4 inch pass rushing machine with 9 sacks this year.  Chris Crane needs to not lose the game for the eagles.  What I mean by that is, don’t make any mistakes (see Quinton Porter in the first ACC game at the Heights-first pass was a pick 6), don’t try to force things, or this defense will kill you.

Bus ride in there are already Noles fans tailgating, think they'll make it to kickoff?

A small note that may only interest me (did I just sound like Peter King right

Meterparel and Jayme Parker on the field about 2pm!

Meterparel and Jayme Parker on the field about 2pm!

there) and Big Game James.  Ron Simmons will be on the sidelines tonight to enjoy a game at the Doak.  Simmons a former FSU linebacker in the 70′s and WWE superstar.  There is a good article in about him and his love for FSU.  I told Jayme she has to interview Ron if he is there so give a listen tonight.  Don’t forget the game is on AM 680 due to celts conflict.

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