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Miss Universe 03.26.12 at 9:03 am ET
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gets a D.Q because she was born a man. Thanks to here is Jenna Talackova now.
Here is the link to see her.

Laron Landry 03.15.12 at 9:40 am ET
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Here are the pictures of Laron Landry from his twitter account! Talk about Jacked UP!

Hot for Teacher 03.15.12 at 8:06 am ET
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Here is Lillian Muller from her own website. Who knew?
thanks to

Malkin hit on Boychuk 03.12.12 at 7:00 am ET
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Here is the video of the Malkin hit on Boychuk (thanks to Do you think Malkin should face the discipline of the NHL and Brendan Shanahan?

Tom Brady Glasses 03.12.12 at 6:30 am ET
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So thanks to here are a couple of pictures of Tom wearing “glasses” at the Celtics Lakers game yesterday.