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Christian Fauria loses (and finds) his Super Bowl rings 07.22.14 at 9:02 pm ET
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Christian Fauria won two Super Bowls with the Patriots. (AP)

Christian Fauria won two Super Bowls with the Patriots. (AP)

It was revealed on Tuesday’€™s edition of Middays with MFB that Christian Fauria is almost irresponsibly casual about being the owner of two Super Bowl rings.

Fauria, who won Super Bowl XXXVIII and XXXIX with the Patriots, admitted Tuesday that he regularly misplaces his prized rings and didn’€™t know where they were for months until finding them Tuesday in a backpack with a broken zipper.

“It’€™s happened before, and whenever this happens I know that nobody stole them,” Fauria said. “€œI know that they’€™re somewhere in the house and it’€™s going to be a matter of time before I accidentally bump into them, and sure enough, there they are.”

Fauria said that he has a case for the rings, but that he keeps his watches in that case. The Super Bowl rings had been in an old backpack he brings to work, with Fauria saying they were there since January at the earliest. They were in a pouch where he keeps his pens and pencils, but didn’€™t realize it until Tuesday.

“I didn’€™t lose them; I just wasn’€™t sure where they were,”€ he said.

With his co-hosts giving him grief for keeping something so important in an old backpack, Fauria said he likes to have the rings with him.

“€œYou never know when you’€™re going to need a Super Bowl ring,”€ he joked. “Maybe you can’€™t get into a restaurant, maybe you’€™ve to get into a club, maybe you’€™ve got to talk your way out of a ticket. You pull out a Super Bowl ring, you get into the club, you get the first table, you get out of the ticket.”

Replied Lou Merloni: “€œSo you bring a backpack to the club a lot?”

For audio of the segment, click here.

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Thursday’s Three for All recap: Fallout from discussion about lesbians; when it’s OK to fart in front of significant other 07.10.14 at 1:35 pm ET
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On Thursday’s Three for All segment on Middays with MFB, Tim Benz and Christian Fauria addressed the fallout from Wednesday’s discussion about attractive lesbians and discussed farting in front of significant others. To hear the segment, go to the Middays with MFB audio on demand page.

Benz recounted that after Wednesday’s Three for All he walked by the front desk in the WEEI offices and saw the normally pleasant Brittany, who greets visitors and answers phones, scowling at him.

Said Benz: “She just lays into me: ‘What were you guys talking about on the air! Why were you talking about lesbians! People are mad and calling that you’re sitting there talking about lesbians!’

“Some guy from Connecticut apparently heard our segment. ‘€¦ This dude in Connecticut was pissed because he had his 5-year-old in the car and he had to explain — this is literally what he said to her — ‘explain to my son what a lesbian is.’ ”

Brittany was brought into the studio to provide more details, and she recalled the phone call: “He said, ‘I have a problem with this. I listen to WEEI all the time, love it, it’s great. But, I had my 5-year-old in the car and you guys were talking about full lesbians and the transgenders. ‘€¦ I had to explain to my son what a lesbian was.’ ”

Cracked Benz: “God forbid. God forbid you should have to explain to your child something that might be a little bit uncomfortable. Heaven forbid as a parent it falls to you to do the explaining and you don’t leave it up to TV or Twitter to do it. God forbid that should happen.”

Added Benz: “I bet you a million dollars — a million dollars — that kid grows up to be a better parent than his father, because he had to have something explained to him instead of trying to be shielded from it. Now he’s getting a little exposure. God forbid. I bet you that other guy had none of that, and that’s why he’s so uptight.”

Brittany noted that WEEI’s target demographic does not include 5-year-olds.

“Why weren’t you listening to the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack or The Wiggles or something?” she wondered.

Fauria then turned the discussion to a debate about when a man or woman should feel comfortable farting in front of their significant other. Fauria was shocked to learn that Benz never passes gas in front of his wife.

Said Benz: “We actually turned down a house — when we bought our first house together — we turned down a house just down the road for less money that I liked better for the house that we have now in large part because it only had one bathroom and she didn’t want to ever be exposed to what I might leave behind, or have me be exposed to what she had done. There was a level of embarrassment that was always there for her if she had to be in the bathroom. So we have separate bathrooms now.”

Responded Fauria: “After a certain amount of time there should be no barriers. You should be able to do whatever you feel comfortable with. ‘€¦ You’re way too uptight.”

Thursday’s Headlines recap: Marriage ends on wedding night; Brooklyn woman shares apartment with dead mother 07.10.14 at 8:43 am ET
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Here are the highlights from Thursday’s Headlines segment on the Dennis & Callahan show with Kirk Minihane and guest co-hosts Jon Meterparel and DJ Bean. To hear the audio, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Saudi Arabian man divorces wife on wedding night after seeing compromising pictures of her

According to a report out of Saudi Arabia, a man ended his marriage the night of his wedding after being given explicit pictures of his bride by her former lover. The couple were celebrating their marriage at a hotel when the groom received a bouquet of flowers with a memory stick that contained the photos.

“That’s a rough one,” said Minihane, who professed no desire to attend any more weddings. “You’ve got to know that about a girl, though. Some girls just whiff of danger. You don’t marry those girls.”

“Yeah, but some people like that,” Meterparel countered.

The hosts proceeded to discuss whether they would get remarried should their first marriages end, and how an open marriage isn’t as appealing as it sounds.

Said Minihane of having a swinging experience with another couple: “I think life is totally done after that. ‘€¦ I don’t think I’d be comfortable with that.”

Brooklyn woman shares apartment with dead mother for three years

A 28-year-old Brooklyn woman lived with her dead mother in a cramped apartment for three years, propping her up at the dinner table and sleeping next to her skeleton in the kitchen every night, according to the New York Post.

Chava Stirn even dressed like her deceased mother, wearing a black outfit and shoes that 61-year-old Susie Rosenthal had on when she died. Stirn never left the apartment, neighbors said. Emergency workers knocked down her door Monday when she refused to allow in the superintendent who was trying to investigate a leak coming from the apartment.

“It’s a scene right out of ‘Psycho.’ ‘€¦ This is one of the weirdest cases I’ve ever seen,” a law-enforcement source told the Post.

“At least you know it’s going to be a consistent conversation,” Meterparel said. “You know what you get from a sack of bones.”

Leonardo DiCaprio rumored to be interested in starring in remake of ‘The Shining’

“Bad movie remake project here that’s being rumored around. Nobody has any interest in this,” Minihane said. “DiCaprio evidently interested in playing [Jack] Nicholson‘s role in ‘The Shining.’ ”

Added Minihane: “The first ‘Shining’ was so overrated. [Stanley] Kubrick is the overrated film director.”

This led into a discussion of TV-38′s old “The Movie Loft” and another show on that station that Minihane and Meterparel enjoyed, “Ask the Manager” — in which the station’s GM explained programming decisions.

Wednesday’s Three for All: Chilean soccer player gets tattoo of missed shot; Bobby Bonilla receives annual gift from Mets; transvestites can be convincing 07.02.14 at 1:40 pm ET
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On Wednesday’s Three For All on Middays with MFB, Christian Fauria, Lou Merloni and Tim Benz discussed some sports-related items in the news.

To hear the segment, check the MFB audio on demand page.

– Chile was eliminated from the World Cup with Saturday’s loss to Brazil that had to be decided by penalty kicks after the teams played to a 1-1 tie. Chile nearly won the game when Mauricio Pinilla delivered a hard shot that clanged off the crossbar late in extra time.

Rather than attempt to forget the close call, Pinilla decided to memorialize it by having the image tattooed on his back with the words “One centimeter from glory” underneath.

The heavily tattooed 30-year-old also had “Blessed” and “For life” added to his face.

“He quite possibly took the worst possible experience of his life, a sporting experience and he had it tattooed on his back so he can constantly be reminded of his own failure,” Fauria said. “So I guess I ask you: Is there anything in your life that you would want to be reminded of — bad, something bad — that you would actually put in tattoo on your back. ‘€¦ Would you want to see that constantly? Would you want to be reminded of it constantly?”

Questioned Merloni: “Why would you want to be reminded of that?”

Fauria compared it to former Cowboys tight end Jackie Smith getting a tattoo of his dropped pass in the end zone in Super Bowl XIII. Merloni brought up Bill Buckner‘s error in the 1986 World Series.

“Stop beating yourself up,” Fauria said of Pinilla. “You’re going to have another shot.”

Bobby Bonilla received his annual gift from the Mets on Tuesday in the form of a $1.19 million check. The former outfielder was bought out by the team before the 2000 season, and instead of paying him $5.9 million and getting it over with, the Mets struck a deal to defer the payments.

As part of the agreement, the Mets — who at the time were profiting handsomely from their investments with Bernie Madoff — started making 25 annual payments to Bonilla in 2011. With the agreed-upon 8 percent interest, Bonilla’s total payments will reach $29.8 million.

“The best investment he ever made,” Fauria said. “The worst contract probably the Mets ever did.”

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Monday’s Headlines recap: BET Awards wrap-up; ‘Transformers’ wins weekend; woman survives subway fall; people trapped at SeaWorld 06.30.14 at 8:50 am ET
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Pharrell Williams. (AP)

Pharrell Williams was named top male pop artist at Sunday’s BET Awards. (AP)

Here are the highlights from Monday morning’s AT&T Headlines segment on Dennis & Callahan, with John Dennis filling in for Kirk Minihane as the master of ceremonies and Jerry Thornton sitting in with the guys.

Lionel Richie (not John Denver) wins lifetime achievement awards at BET event

Sunday night the BET Awards were announced with few surprises.

The top female pop artist was Beyonce, while Pharrell Williams won best male pop artist thanks in large part to his hit song “Happy.”

“This sounds fantastic when you first hear it,” Thornton said of the hit song. “But it goes on like this for about 45 minutes. It goes on longer than ‘Free Bird.’ It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t change.”

The top hip-hop artists were Drake and Nikki Minaj. When asked to guess who won the lifetime achievement award, Thornton guessed, “John Denver?” Wrong. Lionel Richie earned the honor, leading Thornton to admit he had recently sung, “All Night Long” at a bar. “There was no escaping it,” he deadpanned.

(As a side note, BET misspelled Richie’s name when honoring the singer.)

‘Transformers’ wins again

Dennis broke down the the box-office winners for this past weekend’s movies, revealing that “Transformers: Age of Extinction” took top honors, hauling in $100 million.

“I hate all the ‘Transformers’ movies,” said Gerry Callahan. “All of them suck.”

Callahan referenced a movie review of the newest “Transformers” movie in the Boston Herald, citing the opening line: “Two hours and 45 minutes of stink.”

“This has been the summer of no summer movies,” observed Thornton.

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