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Week 5 fantasy football live chat, 11 a.m. 10.05.14 at 8:11 am ET
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Join Pete Davidson of and for his weekly fantasy football live chat, starting at 11 a.m. Sunday. Let Davidson help you set your lineups heading into Sunday’s games. Get your questions in now …

Live Blog Week 5 fantasy football chat

Thursday’s Headlines recap: Boston Herald cartoonist apologizes after accusations of racism; Robert Kraft’s girlfriend reportedly to appear in CBS show; Ohio woman sues sperm bank for wrong race 10.02.14 at 8:40 am ET
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Here are the highlights from Thursday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– Boston Herald cartoonist Jerry Holbert apologized Wednesday for a cartoon some people are viewing as racist. In the cartoon, which pokes fun at the White House security lapse, an intruder in the bathtub says to a surprised Barack Obama while he brushes his teeth, “Have you tried the new watermelon flavored toothpaste?”

Holbert insisted he meant no offense by the reference to watermelon.

Callahan said the cartoon wasn’t funny, but it wasn’t offensive.

“I agree it’s stupid, but it can’t be racist or he wouldn’t have done it,” Callahan said. “It’s dumb, it’s stupid. But he clearly is ignorant of this stereotype.

“If I’m just landed here from outer space, I would say, ‘Why is it racist? Why?’ ”

Suggested Callahan: “I would have had him ordering a cheeseburger and having Michelle yell at him because of all the fat and calories.”

– Ricki Noel Lander, girlfriend of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, landed a bit part in the season premiere of the CBS show “Blue Bloods,” according to the Boston Herald.

Kraft is known to have a close relationship with CBS president Les Moonves.

“How did she get a spot on a CBS show? I don’t know how that happened,” Minihane deadpanned.

Said Callahan, “She just must be supremely gifted.”

– A white Ohio woman is suing an Illinois sperm bank, claiming she was inseminated with sperm from a black donor by mistake. Jennifer Cramblett, 36, is raising her mixed-race child with her lesbian partner and says the 2-year-old faces multiple challenges in the all-white community of Uniontown, Ohio.

“This is 2014, give me a break,” said an unsympathetic Minihane.

Minihane recounted his own experience with looking at sperm-donor candidates, although he and his wife did not go through with that option.

“We had a certain age, we had a certain education, the color, obviously, I would have preferred a honky but I would have taken anyone,” Minihane said. “I didn’t really care.”

John Dennis Live Chat – Thurday at 10:15 a.m. 10.01.14 at 9:59 pm ET
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Have questions for John Dennis of the Dennis & Callahan show? Fire away. Check in for the John Dennis live chat on Thursday, October 2, at 10:15 a.m.

Live Blog John Dennis Live Chat

Wednesday’s Three for All recap: California bans plastic bags; CFL player trash talks during interview; FCC considers banning use of ‘Redskins’ name 10.01.14 at 1:45 pm ET
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Here are the highlights from Wednesday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

– California became the first state to ban single-use plastic bags from grocery and convenience stores, as Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill to make it a law Tuesday.

Said Merloni: “When I go buy shoes do I have to bring my own box? Are they just going to throw me the shoes, I put them in the box and carry them out?”

“It’s only grocery stores,” Fauria said. “It should be for any store — department stores. You go to a Foot Locker, Sports Authority, anything like that, they’re going to put your box of shoes or whatever it is you buy in a plastic bag.”

“So you’re going to bring bags everywhere,” Merloni said. “You go shopping you’ll carry like six bags.”

Said Fauria: “Bring a backpack. I’ve got a backpack, I’ve got lots of zippers.”

“I will never bring my own bag to go shopping,” Benz said. “What about when my dog goes to the bathroom? What do I use?”

– Solomon Elimimian, a linebacker for the Canadian Football League‘s British Columbia Lions, made a TSN reporter wait for a halftime interview while he talked trash with a Calgary Stampeders opponent. He then calmly addressed the reporter.

Fauria was impressed with how Elimimian was able to transition from aggressively trash talking to being ready to be interviewed so quickly, although he was disappointed that the player didn’t have a Canadian accent.

– The Federal Communications Commission is considering whether to ban use of the word “Redskins” from the airwaves.

“I’m guessing that if the FCC bans the word ‘Redskins’ then wouldn’t that be radio, too?” Merloni said. “Can they really do this? They’re just appeasing people, right? … Will I get fined? Do they bleep that out?”

Tuesday’s Three for All recap: Lions TE Joseph Fauria has interesting story behind injury; NFL says no penalty for praying after TD 09.30.14 at 1:23 pm ET
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Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

Lions tight end Joseph Fauria — nephew of the MFB host — said he sprained his ankle rushing down the stairs to grab his 3-month-old puppy in an attempt to take it outside before it urinated on the floor. Fauria missed Sunday’s game against the Jets and is expected to be out another three weeks.

One day earlier, discussing Rajon Rondo‘s broken hand that he claims he suffered while slipping in the shower, Christian Fauria had questioned players’ offbeat stories about injuries. However, he stands by his nephew’s claim and said the second-year pro was not drunk at the time.

“I did some investigative research, called his mother, called his grandparents,” Fauria said. “When I first heard this I was like, this is BS. No. You’re a professional athlete, you don’t trip, you don’t fall, you don’t miss a final step, OK? But I’ve been told repeatedly that that is exactly what happened, 100 percent. And I told the story yesterday about my issues trying to hide some things. But I have received confirmation that it is 100 percent accurate.”

Said Merloni: “I don’t know if I believe the dog thing. I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t know, but I think it might have something to do with a female, maybe.”

– The NFL announced Tuesday that Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah should not have been penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after his interception return for a touchdown against the Patriots in Monday night’s rout. Players are not allowed to slide in celebration, but Abdullah went to his knees in prayer, which is allowed.

Merloni joked that the ref threw the flag due to a “hatred for Muslims.”

Said Benz: “What I don’t understand about that is why would you put the rule in the books if it wasn’t to create the separation of God and football” Why else would you put the rule in the book that you don’t go to your knees?”

– Colts safety LaRon Landry was suspended four games for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

Fauria said a photo that has been circulating on the web makes Landry’s arms appear much bigger than they are.

“This is an exaggerated, manipulated picture,” Fauria said, adding: “His bicep is not that big.”

Said Benz: “The real LaRon Landry looks like the fake Hans and Franz from the Aaron Rodgers commercial. That’s how big he is. He’s almost inflated. I don’t know if that picture is doctored, I thought the same thing.”

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