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5 Things I Am Looking Forward To

10.29.08 at 8:51 am ET

I love the fall and this time of year.  The only problem is that winter is right around the corner.  But don’t be upset about the days getting shorter and frost on your car and no more golf.  There is lots to look forward to.  Here are 5 things I am looking forward to in the next few weeks.

BC/Notre Dame on November 8th – This is one of the most under rated rivalries in college football. It means a lot to both teams. These teams seem pretty evenly matched and I have no doubt Charlie Weis would love to come back to Boston and show everyone he is not just another product of Bill Belichick’s coaching tree.

The Collapse of the Dallas Cowboys – It’s coming folks. Jerry Jones is 2 loses away from firing Wade Wilson. The ‘Boys are moving into a new stadium next year and not making the playoffs is unacceptable to Jones. If Dallas loses 2 more games before the middle of December T.O. will have a meltdown of epic proportion.

The Hot Stove – There is not way Theo sits and does nothing. John Henry loves to make a splash in free agency, especially when the Yankees are going to make several. The Sox are in good shape for 2009, but adding a big fish or 2 would not only make the Sox the favorite next year, but would be sure to steal the headlines in Boston and NY for a few weeks in December.

The Pats Down the Stretch – I have not been this excited about a second half of an NFL season since the Patriots first Super Bowl run in 2001. Seeing Matt Cassel mature every week and watching guys like Ben Jarvis Green Ellis and Brandon Meriweather turn into big time players for a playoff team is what makes being a fan fun. Last year was amazing to watch the Patriots roll every week. But until the Super Bowl there was no drama. The Pats should steal TNT’s slogan, “Drama Lives Here.”

Election Night – Forget that my guy is going to win, it’s a night when all the networks are trying to beat the other in breaking news and getting the top guests. Everyone, Democrats and Republicans and even the deadbeats who don’t vote, are all watching to see what will happen next. When will John McCain give his concession speech? Will there be 1 million people at Barack Obama’s rally? Will Keith Olberman openly weep? What will that sack of s-t Dick Morris say?

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