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Check in from Nashville

12.30.08 at 9:15 am ET

Night one is in the books. The Meterparels and the Ciaccios arrived in Nashville at around 12:30 yesterday.  We are at the Gaylord Opryland resort.  The place is like Disney, country style, everything you need is under one big window (literally–the ceiling is made of windows so you can see outside).  They have everything from restaurants to coffee shops to a joint where I can buy a cowboy hat and boots, and I am looking forward to going to the Bass Pro Shop at some point.  We walked around this huge complex for a couple hours, hit the gym then headed out to line dance and hear some local country music.

We go to hail a cab and I run into a limo driver, he tells me that he just had a cancellation and that he would take us downtown for the same rate as a cab (50 bucks round-trip).  So, no disrespect to cabbies, we jumped at the chance.  This guy was a wealth of knowledge when it came to downtown Nashville.  He gave us a quick tour of downtown and recommended a good BBQ joint.  I mean come on, we’re in Nashville, you didn’t think we were going to eat Italian, did you?  We walk into the local bar Rippy’s, belly up to the bar and all heads turn to us, the misfits, the Yankees who don’t quite fit in.  We sit at the bar and the band starts playing the banjo boy song from deliverance, I kid you not, and I thought Meter was gonna be the next Ned Beatty!  He got a real pretty mouth ain’t he?  I ordered the local brew, a Fat Tire, a heavy ale with a kick, had a good taste but one of those beers that you can only have one or two if you plan on eating.  I get the bbq pork loin on Texas toast, great eats and good local feel.  We finish up there and head over to “Tooties” according to our limo guy Mike, Tooties is connected to a concert hall where all the famous acts would sneak over between sets and drink a few beers.  This bar reminded me of Copperfields in Boston, small stage right when you walk in on your right, great local talent again!  This bar was to small for us, it was packed so we moved on to an Iggy recommended spot, the Stage.  Huge bar, again I am going to sound like the DJ from Fred Clause saying the same thing, but great local talent, as far as country music goes.  There were a few local drunks on the dance floor, started out with this woman, had to be about 55 or so, had way to many White Zins, she got the whole crowd dancin’ as she stumbled to the floor and was doing what Billy Idol told us all to do back in the 80’s.  We ended the night with the Meterparels at around midnight, they headed in and the Ciaccio’s headed back out, this time to the Jack Daniels bar here in the hotel for a night cap.

Now that I have bored you with what I was doing night one in Nashville, I am headed to LP Field,  home of the Titans, to set up some equipment for tomorrow’s broadcast, and find where Kerry Collins hides the Vodka, heard on weei at 3pm pregame 330 kickoff, then off to the Country Music Hall of fame and maybe the Predators pro shop, hey gotta get my nephew something for taking care of my dog!  I’ll check in tomorrow before the game to give a review of the CMHoF.  Thanks for reading and send along some emails, I want to do a mailbag like my man Curt!