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Beantown Beatdown: Dino vs. Toucher, Jenny Dell vs. Heidi Watney

03.06.13 at 11:04 am ET

The Dennis & Callahan show is on a quest to determine who is the biggest badass in the Boston media. That’s why we’ve created Beantown Beatdown: Boston Media Deathmatch. Every day during the show we’ll give you a pair of matchups of tough guys, and you need to tell us who would be the ass-kicker and who would be the ass-kickee if the two were to throw down in a steel cage. Make yourself heard on the AT&T Text Line at 37937, on Twitter @DandCShow and right here on the blog by voting on our web polls. Our D&C combatants were 500 on Day 4. Gerry Callahan took down Mike Felger with 59% of the vote, but Chach was less successful. Lou Merloni laid the smack down on him with 55%. Now on to today’s matchups! Let’s get it on!

John “Big Daddy Dino” Dennis vs. Fred “Bad Touch” Toettcher

Who's the bigger badass?

  • Dino (65%, 4,214 Votes)
  • Toucher (36%, 2,324 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,509

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Jenny “Death Knell” Dell vs. Heidi “The Hitwoman” Watney

(You didn’t really want to see them photoshopped, did you?)

Who's the bigger badass?

  • Heidi (55%, 2,154 Votes)
  • Jenny (46%, 1,797 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,890

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