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All I want for the Holidays is…….

12.17.08 at 12:05 pm ET

Yes I said Holiday, Gerry — deal with it!!!

1. A Patriots win in the playoffs. I don’t want to just make the playoffs, I want Matt Cassel to win at least one game.

2. Manny signs with an AL team. It is going to be the toughest ticket in town when Manny makes his return to Boston and for the first time in 8 years gets booed at Fenway.

3. D-Lowe in Boston. He never should have left, he belongs here. He is one of us. He loves this city and this team. Yeah he liked to party in his day, but that is behind him — Theo, make it happen, bring D-Lowe back home…And lets get him a weekly spot in the Dennis and Callahan Show.

4. A Blowout on Christmas. I want to watch all the Laker fans with their number 8 jerseys and $500 sun glasses go home knowing who the best team in the NBA is. I want Paul Pierce to drop 40 and Rondo to run them off the floor.

5. 10 Great Bowl Games. There are 34 Bowl Games and I will watch them all — I want 10 of them to be great, compelling games with last second finishes. But I want South Carolina to blow out Iowa — I can’t take a close game.

6. College basketball to grip me. I haven’t been able to get fired up for college basketball in a few years. I need a special player to take over the sport or a team to go on a magical run — or else I won’t watch much hoop until March.

7. Obama gets a chance. All the Obama bashers out there need to give this guy a chance. We gave G.W. 4 years, now its time you give President Obama at least 2 before you decide to judge him. It is fair to blame this past administration for the mess we are in, so we need to give Obama a fair shake to fix it. I can hear Gerry on January 21st bitching that the economy is not getting better and Obama is to blame.

8. Jack comes back better then ever. 24 makes its return in January and I need Jack to be back. I need the show to not become The Soprano’s from the final season. I need Jack to kill everyone and Chloe to play a huge role in saving the world.

9. Sitcoms continue to be strong. How I Met Your Mother, The Office and Worst Week are must watch sitcoms every week. For the first time ever I have 3 shows I can’t wait to watch on my DVR when I get home from work. Barney Stinson might be the best character on television and Dwight Schrute isn’t too far behind.

10. Keep reading the blog. I think I speak for Chach when I thank everyone for reading the blog over the last 6 months. It’s been a lot of fun and we appreciate every comment – even the ones that tell me to go f myself. Happy Holidays and next year is going to be even better.