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A Couple predictions…and if you read last week, go the other way!

10.17.08 at 12:16 pm ET

I have to agree with Iggy…there is no game 7.  Tampa will rise to the occasion.  They will be energized with their home crowd.  Also, maybe it is just me, but I think the Sox are old, not age wise, just a lot of baseball for a handful of key players (see Papi, Tek, Youk!).  It is the same way I feel about the Pats, they are just worn down.  So what this means is the sox will win in 7.

Matty “Ice” Ryan will make an appearance, this is a lock (if you believe Meter) and here is the prediction.  This interview will have a familiar ring to it!  It will sound like Dale and Holley with Tito, The Big show with BB, or D and C with Brady.  No tough questions, just a lot of butt smoochin’!  And one question he will ask Matt, “hey Matt, can I be your Turtle?” (Entourage reference!)

Bruins beat Ottawa!

Another game I won’t be able to watch much of due to my BC commitments.  I feel that if the B’s can get going, defensively out of the gate, they should be able to help out, Tim or Manny between the pipes.  The way Marc Savard is dropping points, 6 in 3 games, he nets his first hat trick of the season vs. the Senators!

Madonna and Arod…This is as nasty as it gets, she isn’t even a cougar.  More will come out this weekend that Arod is touring with her and kanoodling.  Fetching her water and green tea!  Can’t hit in the playoffs and can’t hit on a girl in their 20’s!  Just remember back to her book SEX.  Nasty!

Finally, BC will beat a tough VA tech tea, 17-10, Crane will throw for a TD and run for another.  Special teams will come up big for the Eagles!  Check out the broadcast on WEEI this weekend!  I am gonna try to remember my camera so I can get a picture of Meter fainting in the presence of Matt Ryan!