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5 Predictions for the Weekend

10.17.08 at 8:38 am ET


There is no Game 7Tito was brilliant in bringing Papelbon into the 7th inning Thursday night – it energized the crowd and energized the offense – ultimately leading to one of the greatest comebacks in post season history. That being said, starting Josh Beckett over Jon Lesteris a terrible move, one that will prevent the Sox from advancing to the World Series for the 3rd time since 2004.


For the second Sunday in a row, College Football will have a new number 1 ranked team. Texas is coming off a huge win vs. Oklahoma and Missouri is coming off a terrible loss. And following the trend this season, Chase Daniel will get back on the Heisman train as he puts his team on his back and beats Texas in Austin.

Barack Obama widens the gap. According to the Polls John McCain has made a nice little run, but there is still a lot of time left before Election Day and like the NBA, “everyone makes a run.” All the negative adds the GOP is running and the smear campaign they continue to use will eventually come back to bite them in the ass. Obama is a good man with good morals – it’s the heartless, cold, uninformed, mindless dopes like Howie Carr and Bill O’Reilly, both who take their talking points from the GOP – that continue to trash him because that’s what they are told to do.

Both NY Football teams are upset. The J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets are ripe for a losing streak and believe it or not, the Raiders were playing much better before Lane Kiffin was axed. They have a good defense and if Darren McFadden is healthy they should be able to run the ball all over the Jets. The GGGGG-Men were playing at a level way above their heads the first quarter of the season. Look for them to come back down to earth and Eli Manning will turn back into Eli Manning as they are upset by the 49ers in Giant Stadium.

Once again, Saturday Night Live dominates the talk Sunday and Monday. Sarah Palin is scheduled to make an appearance along side Tina Fey. This has a chance to help the GOP tremendously.

Enjoy the weekend, and please feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail