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Gerry’s having a great vacation

02.20.13 at 9:22 am ET
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D&C are coming home tomorrow after a week of sun and fun in Fort Myers. From the looks of things, these guys may have had too much time to kill in Florida. Think Gerry can get this through TSA?

Lil Wayne – champion of the Boston basketball fan

02.19.13 at 7:36 am ET
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Hey Celtics fans! You hate the Miami Heat, right? Well now you have a figurehead to rally around. Rapper Lil Wayne is no fan of LeBron and company, although I guess he doesn’t have a problem with Chris Bosh’s wife…

Lil Wayne — F**K MIAMI HEAT … I F**ked Chris Bosh’s Wife
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The star of Winter Storm Nemo: The governor’s sign language interpreter

02.08.13 at 7:52 am ET
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In times of crisis, extraordinary human beings rise to the occasion. Our civic leaders have come forward in advance of Winter Storm Nemo with news conferences trying to prepare and sooth concerned citizens. While they’ve performed admirably, their efforts pale in comparison to that of the sign language interpreter at Governor Deval Patrick’s news conference last night. The passion and enthusiasm she puts into her work is unparalleled in any field. Have a look:

Rob Gronkowski: Time to grow up?

02.05.13 at 6:38 am ET
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The Patriots’ offseason is only a couple of weeks old and we already have another installment of “Gronk Gone Wild.” Check out the moves.

So is his schtick getting old? Sound off in our poll below.

What do you think? Is it time for Gronk to grow up?

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Is this Volkswagen ad racist?

01.31.13 at 8:16 am ET
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According to this new Volkswagen ad, driving one of their cars can turn you into a laid-back Jamaican. I don’t know about the validity of the implication, but regardless, some are speaking out calling the ad racist, some say it’s fine and kind of funny. Time to judge for yourself.

What do you think? Is this ad racist?

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