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The second blast, before and after

04.17.13 at 7:48 am ET
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Credit: Channel 7

The greatest moment in the history of spring games

04.08.13 at 5:31 am ET
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Unless you eat, sleep and breathe college football, you probably don’t give a crap about spring games. Well I bet after seeing this video, you’ll agree that Nebraska knows how to do spring games right. You might wanna have a couple of tissues on hand, because your heartstrings are about to be tugged.

It’s okay. Let it out. It’s manly to have feelings.

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Women of Boston Media Championship

04.08.13 at 5:13 am ET
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It all comes down to this. With the Final 4 round in the books, we have the championship matchup set for our Women of Boston Media tourney. Let’s take a look at how we got here.

Minihane Regional Champ and #1 overall seed Jenny Dell was triumphant over this tourney’s FGCU, Nancy Quill, who was representing the Dino Region. Dell eeked out win with 52% of the vote.

The other semi-final wasn’t nearly as close. Callahan Regional champ Bianca de la Garza got her lunch handed to her by Sarah French. The Stitch Region winner rolls to the final round with 79% of the vote.

And without further ado, the championship matchup in the Dennis & Callahan Women of Boston Media Tournament!

Jenny Dell – NESN vs. Sarah French – WHDH

Who's your champion?

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Chime in with your thoughts on the AT&T Text Line at 37937 and on Twitter @DandCShow. We’ll have the results Tuesday morning.

Women of Boston Media Final 4

04.05.13 at 5:52 am ET
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Things got pretty intense in the Elite 8 round of our Women of Boston Media tourney. Anyone who went chalk on his or her bracket can pretty much forget about winning the office pool. Let’s go to the results.

The Minihane Region
It was a hard-fought battle with plenty of ups and downs, but in the end NESN’s Jenny Dell narrowly defeated Jen Royle with 51% of the vote.

The Dino Region
Nancy Quill’s Cinderella story continued as she laid the smack down on WHDH’s Janet Wu with 76%.

The Callahan Region
Another late comeback. WCVB’s Bianca de la Garza earned 52% of the vote against FOX 25′s Shannon Mulaire.

The Stitch Region
Another #1 seed bites the dust. WHDH’s Sarah French earned 61% of the vote to oust Maria Stephanos. Over 18,000 votes cast in this one. Apparently you people felt very strongly about the matchup.

And now, let’s take a look at the Final 4, with a few new pictures this time around.

Minihane Region Champ Jenny Dell – NESN vs. Dino Region Champ Nancy Quill – Magic 106.7

Who's championship material?

  • Jenny Dell (52%, 4,878 Votes)
  • Nancy Quill (48%, 4,528 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,399

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Callahan Region Champ Bianca de la Garza – WCVB vs. Stitch Region Champ Sarah French – WHDH

Who's championship material?

  • Sarah French (79%, 4,132 Votes)
  • Bianca de la Garza (21%, 1,112 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,239

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We’ll wrap up the voting Sunday night and unveil the championship matchup on Monday morning. Until then, vote away and send us your thoughts via text at 37937 and on Twitter @DandCShow.

Extreme Makeover: D&C Edition

04.04.13 at 5:53 am ET
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By now I’m sure you’ve heard John and Gerry pointing out how unkempt some of the rest of us on the show appear. Granted, Minihane has reacted well and even shown up in a button-down shirt or two, but I’ve just been sticking to my guns. My old, dingy flannel guns. But our buddy Bill at Milton’s decided enough was enough and got us looking nice and sharp. Even our new producer Lumpy, who’s only been on board three days, but has worked all three of them in what I swear is the same black polo shirt. Check out the transformation below.

Before: Me (left) and Lumpy

I got some fresh duds, but I still think that shirt kicks ass. The other guys are just jealous of my swag.

Our friend Bill, modeling Wolfie’s new sport coat

Kirk, still a bit o the shabby side, but looking forward to the big transformation.

I could totally pull this off, but Gerry had first dibs.

And finally, three dudes looking extra sharp thanks to Bill and Milton’s.

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