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10 Questions for Mike O’Malley!

10.28.08 at 7:30 am ET
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I recently traded emails with our good friend Mike O’Malley.  Keep in mind these questions were submitted in July!


C-What was your first break in the business?
O-I had one line as a cop on an episode of “Law and Order” during the
first season.  We had discovered some bodies at a mafia burial ground.
My line was
“Sarge, we got a fresh one here!”

C- Did you enjoy your time getting slimmed on Nickelodeon’s guts?
O-Ciacc–As you may recall, Guts was an action show that did not involve
slime.  The awe of the Aggro-Crag was already too much to handle.

C-Now most who listen to D and C know you’re a NH boy and graduate of
UNH (correct?).  Did you ever think in college you would become a
Hollywood success and be in a movie with Heather Locklear?  What was
your fallback plan, besides hitting cleanup for the sox, if you
didn’t make it Hollywood?
O-My fallback plan was bartender at the Beacon Hill Pub.

C-When I was first on the hunt to find out who you were you were “the
Rick” on ESPN promos, How did you land that gig, did you think of it
and approach ESPN or did you collaborate on it with them?  How did
that all shake down?
O-”The Rick” was created by some guys at the Ad Agency Ground Zero in
Santa Monica.  Two of them are from the Boston area:  Court Crandall
and Steve O’Brien.  I went to UNH with Court and he asked me to come in and audition for
Christopher Guest, who was directing.  I got cast during that audition.

C- Did you have to do research as an air traffic controller in pushing
tin? as an alcoholic in 28 days?

O-I did not do any research for either other than listening to Air
Traffic Control during cross country flights and drinking in college.

C-Missed Meet Dave, what was your role?  Was it cool to work with
Eddie Murphy?  Did you get a chance to talk to him about his old school comedy?

O-In “Meet Dave”  I played Officer Knox, an NYC cop who is trying to
track down and alien played by Eddie Murphy.  It was great to work
with him and I did not discuss Old School Comedy.

C- Do you still stay in contact with the cast of Yes Dear?  Any chance yes dear returns as a mid-season replacement down the road?
O-I stay in touch with all the cast members of Yes dear, particularly
Jean Louisa Kelly who has two children who play with my kids.  Yes
Dear is not going to be a mid-season replacement any time soon.

C- One of the funniest sitcom’s on TV today is My Name Is Earl, you
played a cop on the show, Jason Lee, good guy?  Funny guy?  and
weren’t you in the episode that “Earl” skins his pecker?

O-Jason Lee is a GREAT GUY.  Incomparable!

C-What projects do you have coming up in the future?
O-I am currently co-starring in Christian Slater’s new series “My Own
Worst Enemy” which is on NBC Monday nights at ten p.m.

C-When you got your first “big” check from finally breaking through in Hollywood, what did you buy or do with it?
O-I paid off my credit card.

C-Who is hotter Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, or Heather Locklear at
the time of each movie, not today?
O-All equally hot and cool.

C-And finally, what Hollywood actress do you hope to do a love scene
with?  I know you’re laughing at the computer but in all seriousness, or not!
O-Cloris Leachman from Dancing with the Stars.
and to answer the earlier question about being opposite Heather
Locklear, link to this:
Link to my commencement speech at UNH:

Thanks Mike and we’ll get you on when you come back into town!
You’re the best!

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“The 2008 Coach Flip out of the Year”

10.27.08 at 8:05 am ET
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If you missed this video, Chach and Meter had a lot of fun with it this morning.  Take it easy Mike, this is just your first game….


This ranks up there with Denny Green and Jim Mora.  Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

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10.25.08 at 8:44 am ET
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About 20 minutes from kickoff…Again the rain is off and on, outside temp is about 67 degrees!  I’ll try to hit it back up at the half!  Here is one more photo with the boys in pregame!

Very wet field, amazing that’s what happens when it rains!  Beautiful stadium, I am hoping to run into LT and maybe score some smack!  I kid Rob Bradford!  I don’t think LT is welcome back here for some reason!  Great pregame meal of Turkey and stuffing, chicken fingers, chili and some mac salad! Anyway check back at halftime.

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Go Eagles!

10.25.08 at 6:03 am ET
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857 here in Chapel Hill.  I have all my equipment set up for the game so I thought I’d throw a quick blog up!  Got in last night to NC.  Had dinner with Meter and Cronin.   I am at the field early because I have to get all my equipment set up!  Our vantage point will be from about the 20 yard line (see photo right).  You want to keep an eye on number 9, Marvin Austin, one of the top D linemen in the ACC, he was a top recruit.  It is cloudy and raining right now, but warm, about 70.  And they just turned the stadium lights on!  I will soon be posting, when I get back, my 10 questions with Mike O’Malley.  He finally emailed me back from an email I sent him in June so it should be timely!  Also, surfing the web I found out that the Saw movies are being advertised on NHL goalie masks, I’ll get that up as well with pics, so check back.  Any questions or comments you can always email me at  Go Eagles!!!

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Weekend Video — Double Talk Express

10.24.08 at 5:25 pm ET
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I’ll leave you with a video before you head out to dinner on this Friday…..The Double Talk Express

Enjoy the weekend. Don’t forget to Listen to Meter Saturday at 11:30a on WEEI.

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