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TV Reporter Grabs David Beckham’s package!

01.29.10 at 6:15 am ET
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Terrence Cody image

01.27.10 at 6:13 am ET
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 This guy could use a manzier! Thanks to Sportsbybrooks.

How can you NOT root for the Saints?

01.26.10 at 10:56 am ET
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Thanks to Iggy’s sister for sending this over and thanks to the Times Picayune for the footage.

Who Dat?!?!?!?!

Saints Video: Bourbon Street

Tiger is at the 19th Hole!

01.25.10 at 9:26 am ET
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Thanks to those at News of the World, Tiger is now in the clubhouse on the 19th hole.  This super cougar, mother of two, 42 y ear old was given half a mil to shut the bleep up!  Thoughts?

Also for Butch Stearns pool skating video, check out his site, and he can’t even fake out his dog Coco.

Analyzing recent drafts of the Pats

01.23.10 at 9:07 am ET
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The hardworking intern staff of the Dennis & Callahan Show came up with the following analysis of the recent draft success of the New England Patriots. The post directly after this one looks at the final four teams of the NFL Playoffs. Below you will find the recent draft track record for the New England Patriots. Compare this to the post that highlights the drafts of the Colts, Vikings, Saints and Jets.

The New England Patriots:

The Patriots have drafted very, very poorly since 2006 and it is now catching up with them. Here is the Patriots Draft 2006-2009.

1st round  Laurence Maroney (RB)
2nd round  Chad Jackson (WR)
3rd round  David Thomas (TE)
4th round  Garret Mills (TE)
5th round  Steven Gostkowski (K)
5th round  Ryan O’€™Callaghan (OL)
6th round  Jeremy Mincey (DL)
6th round  Dan Stevenson (OL)
6th round  LeKevin Smith (DL)
7th round  Willie Andrews (DB)

1st round  Brandon Merriweather (DB)
4th round  Kareem Brown (DT)
5th round  Clint Oldenburg (OL)
6th round Justin Rogers (LB)
6th round Mike Richardson (DB)
6th round  Justise Hairston (RB)
6th round Cory Hilliard (OL)
7th round Oscar Lua (LB)
7th round Mike Elgin (OL)

1st round  Jerod Mayo (LB)
2nd round Terrance Wheatley (DB)
3rd round  Shawn Crable (LB)
4th round Kevin O’€™Connell (QB)
4th round Jonathan Wilhite (DB)
5th round Matthew Slater (WR)
6th round Bo Ruud (LB)

2nd round Patrick Chung (DB)
2nd round Ron Brace (DL)
2nd round Darius Butler (DB)
2nd round Sabastian Vollmer (OL)
3rd round Brandon Tate (WR)
3rd round Tyrone McKenzie (OL)
4th round Rich Ohrnberger (OL)
5th round George Bussey (OL)
6th round Jake Ingram (Long Snapper)
6th round Myron Pryor (DL)
7th round Julian Edelman (WR)
7th round Darryl Richard (DL)

Thoughts on the drafts
The Pats traded 2 picks in the 2007 draft for Wes Welker and Randy Moss‘€¨’€¨. 3 first round picks — all have contributed. ‘€¨’€¨Have had 6 second round picks with only 1 being a success (Vollmer). ‘€¨’€¨4 third round picks and none worked out. ‘€¨’€¨5 fourth round picks and none worked out. ‘€¨’€¨5 fifth round picks 2 worked out (Slater and Gostkowski). ‘€¨’€¨10 sixth round picks and one worked out (Myron Pryor). ‘€¨’€¨5 seventh round picks and one has worked out (Julian Edelman).

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