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Good Cop Bad Cop videos

03.27.09 at 8:14 am ET
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Here is the video of Ryan Moat being interrogated by a police officer as his mother-in-law is dying in the hospital.

And here are people in Oakland defending “alleged” cop killer Lavelle Nixon.

Who is Hotter?

03.25.09 at 5:39 am ET
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This is our show prep, who is hotter.  As we prepare for another stellar broadcast our friends at SportsbyBrooks posts an outstanding photo of Anna Rawson.  So we asked who is hotter, Anna Rawson or Lindsey Vonn we threw in one other as well, keep scrolling.  Email your vote to  Here is some help!

Aussie Golfer Anna Rawson

Aussie Golfer Anna Rawson

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn

Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas















WEEI Employee Bracket Update #2

03.24.09 at 11:09 am ET
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Here are the results of the WEEI Employee March Madness Pool after 2 rounds:

Adam Shea 53
John Ryder 52
Lou Merloni 51
Mike Kirby 51
Mike Walsh 49
Gary Grodecki 49
Jason “Wolfie” Wolfe 49
Mike Adams 48
Brett Erickson 48
Dale Arnold 48
Gerry Callahan 47
Kathy Kessel 47
Mike Muttnansky 47
Lauren Gralenski 45
Jason “J-Pod” Pothier 45
Matt Loper 45
Zach Wintrow 44
Marc Stroum 44
Pete Sheppard 43
Larry Johnson 43
John “Dino” Dennis 43
Julie Kahn 42
Bob Taylor 42
Ian Meropol 41
Jon “Bernie” Albanese 41
Steve “Chach” Ciaccio 41
Butch Stearns 40
Tim “Timmay!” Walsh 38

He did it!

03.23.09 at 9:51 pm ET
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Above is Meter, collecting the money he won from ripping through that Triple Whopper in just under 2 hours.  Here is a great back story.  BK was great, we put all the extra food out for the rest of the office to enjoy.   Our GM, the lovely Julie Kahn, took one of the extra Triples Whoppers and then came into the morning show office, and stated that she finished hers…in 12 minutes.  Our GM justed bitch slapped Meter by downing hers in 12 minutes.

A couple of real issues I wanted to address, and not what I had fun doing over the weekend, check out Iggy’s post for that.  Here is one of the few times I will weigh in on politics.  Obama, is he pitching a movie or a book, or is he the president?  I am now waiting for him to join the ladies on the View, then Rachel Ray followed that up by Ellen.  Honestly, I don’t chime in a lot when these issues come up, I leave the sounding stupid to Iggy on that, but how about not filling out an NCAA bracket, just tell Andy Katz who you think will win, don’t do an hour tv shoot, then go on Leno, nice Bowling f-up, and then on 60 minutes.  Spend that time trying to get the bonuses back from AIG, I also heard the car industry in the states is having a bit of an issue.  And don’t tell me that they all do the bracket and 60 minutes, sure they do, but not in the first 9 weeks of your presidency.  Plus, most of them didn’t have this major economic crisis on their hands!  Okay so I vent.

Now onto something I do follow, the NHL.  Alexander Ovechkin recently notched his 50th goal.   Sunday I was watching NBC’s game of the week when I heard Mike Milbury talk about this!  I am in complete agreement with Mike on this one.  The celebration was way over the top.  Now I know he has different celebrations after his goals, but this was over the line, it was preplanned !  Someone once said, act like you’ve been there before.  Whatever happened to the “Barry Sanders” of the world, get the touchdown and just hand the ball to the ref?  Score the 50th and celebrate with your teammates.  Don’t give me this, stick on fire crap!  The last thing I need to see, now with my kid in youth hockey, is 7,8,9 10 year olds fanning their stick out after a goal.  Mr. Ovechkin, my kid is addicted to and watching game highlights, let me be the first to thank you.  I can see it now, Nick Chach down the ice, SCORE, then fanning of the stick, then Daddy Chach, fighting off the dad of the goalie he just got the goal off!  The guy is a great player, great for the game, but when crap like this happens it hurts what the NHL has rebuilt for itself.

Those are my quick hit thoughts for a Monday, while I wait for Felger to throw more wet blankets on me.  Is it me, this guy can’t hate the Bruins enough!  Read his latest on the B’s big win over the Devils.  But there is one thing I would like to add on the heels of Felger, my feeling only, if the B’s maintain first place in the East and exit early from the playoffs, they will ruin everything they have built up in the last 2 years.  If you want to know what I am looking forward to on the weekend, WRONG blogger, but wait till Friday I’m sure Iggy will give you a good deli to visit on Saturday!

A-Roid’s “Madam”!

03.23.09 at 5:18 am ET
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  *Mar 20 - 00:05*Desk email






Kristin Davis, has now claimed that A-Roid was a client, lets call him client number 13!  Dino, Ian and Meter think she is manly looking, I think she is semi hot.  Email us what you think of her, just don’t make the emails perverted like A-roids!

Meter really is eating a triple this morning.  Here is the proof!halfwaytheremeterberger







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