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Chach’s New Pinup — Big Z Naked

10.08.09 at 7:31 am ET
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Chach was very excited when he opened his Boston Herald this morning –

No Toliet Paper For A Year

10.06.09 at 9:33 am ET
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Could you  go one year with out using TP?  Check out the story of the “No-Impact Man

Also, check out Dino’s new favorite show — Hoarders – on A&E

Must Read Ted Williams story!

10.02.09 at 6:24 am ET
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Here is the story from the Daily News, you must read it!  NYDAILYNEWS

Seymour enjoys pulling hair!

09.29.09 at 5:58 am ET
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I hate to agree with Nick Hardwick all the time, and disappoint my friend Dale Arnold.  But Richard Seymour is fitting into the Raiders style of play, as a cheap shot artist.  If he isn’t fined, and heavily for this, then something is wrong with the NFL.  Here is the video of Big Sey pulling the hair of Denver’s Ryan Clady, you decide!

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Weekend Wrap up!

09.21.09 at 11:41 am ET
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Well, its been a while since I blogged.  So this is what a keyboard looks like.  I feel like quoting (stealing) from Dan Shaughnessy, just gonna dump a bunch of weekend thoughts/happenings that occurred. 

Lets start with Boston College and Clemson.  We made the trip on Friday after noon, got there at about 5pm, and by 6 we were booked at the nearest Steak N Shake, thanks Meter.  When Meter sees this place he is like a pig in you know what.  Now I have to had it to Meter, the place isn’t that bad, as far as taste.  Now the artery’s might hate you later but overall not bad.  And as far as away trips go, I always give Meter the choice, on the first road trip of where to eat.  When the PBP guy is happy, the broadcast team is happy!

Now the game.  Felt like I was there forever, and I do love this trip during the season more than any other, and it also felt like the Eagles took just as long to earn a first down (first first down came in 3rd quarter).  Have you ever seen/heard of delays in football?  Never mind one, but two?  The plan was to get out of Clemson with a win and be home by 8pm.  Both were unattainable.  BC couldn’t get anything done on offense, the youth showed big time, at a big time college town.  If you haven’t ever been to Clemson to see a football game, I’m gonna recommend you book a trip.  Nothing better than the run down the hill after touching Howard’s Rock, and seeing 75,000 plus, decked in purple and orange. 

Now, something you won’t hear on WEEI this week, Thanks Jets.  Phil Kessel.  Phil Kessel.  Money and joining a former 34 win 81 point team won’t bring you happiness!  And with the fragility of the player, 27 million for 5 years.  Are you kidding me?  He has only played in 82 games once.  He is a 70 game guy, plus he is still a month, month and a half away from actually playing in a game this year.  From what I have read (see Hags BIG bad Blog), he wasn’t a gym rat.  In fact if you believe some, he avoided it all together.  He didn’t fit into the two way system.  Correct me if I’m wrong, when a youth coach is teaching you the game of hockey, do they or do they not tell you you need  to get back on defense?  The coaches in the Reading Youth Hockey league taught me that, maybe in Madison Wisconsin leagues, they didn’t.  I don’t like the deal for one reason.  Draft picks, unproven commodities!  The NHL draft isn’t like the NFL or the NBA, where the number one player can impact a team right away (excluding Ovechkin and they still took time to build a team around him).  They have 5 picks in the first 50 picks.  You can get quality there no doubt.  But I still need to see Marco Sturm and his return, keep in mind Sturm has a goal high of 28.  And if they package these picks at trade time, for the playoff push for a quality puck moving defense man I’m in.  I don’t think Kesselwill be terribly missed I think the team has enough talent to carry them.  Remember, Blake Wheeler, was the fifth overall pick in 2004 by the Coyotes, still young and economical.  11 days until they drop the puck and I can’t wait Kesselless is just fine by me, hey Phil see you in December the fifth to be exact, if you do your rehab, we know how much you like the gym.