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Martha, Martha, Martha….

01.16.10 at 12:01 pm ET
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You are making it hard for me to vote for you!!  What are you doing????

Lane Kiffin

01.14.10 at 10:20 am ET
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Great job by the people of Knoxville — they really don’t like Lane –

Martha’s Goon

01.14.10 at 9:35 am ET
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The Weekly Standard are such a bunch of babies — suck it up.

Where is Tiger?

01.13.10 at 9:24 am ET
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This is where Tiger went for Sex Rehab…doesn’t look like a bad place to go!!  CLICK HERE

Where do we sign up?!?!?!?

Mark McGwire had some help

01.12.10 at 11:16 am ET
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If Big Mac’s plan of attack yesterday seemed a little too scriped, that’s because it was.  Check out this piece in the NY Times on who was the puppet master behind Mark’s big media day.  CLICK HERE


Gerry and Dino thought McGwire did not do enough, they thought he should have come totally clean.  Surprisingly, Holley disagreed.  What do you think?  Was his admission of steroid use enough or did you want more?