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Camden Yards and other thoughts while I was away!

08.11.09 at 11:11 am ET
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I ended up taking the Chach Crew to Camden yards a week ago for the Sox O’s match-up on Saturday night August 1.  Let me just say to all the “Save Fenway” people.  Get out of Mom’s basement, take a trip to another ballpark and you will instantly agree.  We need a new ballpark.  Don’t get me wrong, the sox have done some fabulous things with Fenway, but it will always go back to the right field seats.  In fact, our 4 seats were in right field, there was plenty of leg room, I didn’t have to squeeze into a seat, and wait for it, I didn’t have to turn my head towards home to see the pitches!  The only downfall of the whole night, way to many Red Sox fans.  I knew that would be the case, I am being selfish, because I wanted to sit in other seats, but it was sold out thanks to Red Sox Nation.  The one thing I didn’t do, because the kids wanted hot dogs, was go to Boogs BBQ.  When you can keep the kids quiet for a few hours with hot dogs you do it!  Great park and if you are thinking of going, do it.  We stayed about 15 minutes away, again thanks Red Sox Nation, the hotels in the city were all sold out, but it was an easy drive.

If you don’t read him you should, Peter King’s MMQB.  He has an interesting note about Matt Cassel this week.  Almost a real scary moment for Chiefs fans everywhere.  By a name that Patriots fans everywhere would like to see go down with an injury, Bernard Pollard.  Check it out, de ja veu almost hit in Practice, as Allen Iverson would say, not a game, Practice.  Here is the link.

Onto Michael Vick.  Sorry to upset Iggy, typical kid who likes the shiny new toy.  Vick isn’t coming to New England.  I don’t think the Pats need him nor does he need the Pats.  The best spot, sorry Gerry, is the Vikings, not Buffalo as he hoped, don’t know if you remember they already have a “problem child” on their roster TO.  Travaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels, and John David Booty don’t make Adrian Peterson comfy with the passing game.  And to those who say go to the UFL, WHY?  He could start for 10 NFL teams, he isn’t going to benefit from playing in that league, that league will benefit from Vick.

Speaking of the U.F.L.  I had this disscussion with Iggy, and why I don’t know, but my feeling is that the best way for them to succed

is to have their season start a month ago.  Don’t wait until the NFL is 5 weeks in, or college football is going on.  Their, minor league of the NFL mentality, won’t work like MLB.  In July people are already talking about camps opening.  Why not start your season then.  You’ll get exposure, NFL teams can scout guys that might fit into their teams systems, plus if Chris Price is writing about Bill Belichick checking out player X on the Las Vegas Locomotives ( I didn’t make that up that is their name), what Patriot fan would tune in on a Friday night to check out player X?  I know I would.

Finally, if you are a fantasy football expert, I am employing your help!  I have been in the lower half of my fantasy football league.  Any advice you can pass along would be huge.  It is a 2 keeper league and I have the 4th pick in the first round.  Looking for sleepers, studs I may miss, any advice before my draft.  Thanks and send those through the comments section as well.

6 Things Iggy Thinks He Thinks

08.10.09 at 11:20 am ET
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Here are 6 things I think I think….this is for you Peter King…..

1. Anyone who thinks David Ortiz is telling the truth is a sucker – he cheated and he knows it.

2. Michael Vick would look real good in a Patriots uniform – I know everyone is saying no, but to me, the Packers and Patriots still make the most sense.

3. This weekend, it you can be impressed with anything, I was impressed with the Sox pitching. Lester, Beckett, Buchholz, Tazawa, Okajima all looked great.

4. Jay Bay is a terrible nickname, it sounds like something a 6 year old would say, it’s really lame and every time I hear it used I cringe.

5. Derrick Burgess is going to be a HUGE addition to the Patriots.

6. I’m happy Big Baby is coming back to the Celtics – there was not enough interest in Baby from the rest of the NBA – he is 22 with a jump shot and a big body. I am shocked no one offered him a 3 or 4 year deal

Who do you want doing Flashes tomorrow morning?

07.29.09 at 10:57 am ET
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Simple Question today boys and girls.

Who do you want doing the flashes tomorrow morning?

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5 Things Iggy Thinks

07.28.09 at 8:28 pm ET
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Glad that Peter King is back from vacation — so in honor of the man, here are 5 Things Iggy Thinks  — none having to do with prostate exams……

1.  Mike Lowell can barely get down the line and he can’t play the field anywhere at the level we are use to.  As the summer goes on and September gets here, if I’m Tito, I’m going with Youk at 3rd and Laroche at 1st.

2.  I think it’s now clear Professor Gates is a windbag and there was no racial profiling by the police, but can someone please tell me why Sgt. Crowley had to arrest Skip Gates?  I still don’t know and the tapes released yesterday didn’t answer that question.

3.  The funniest show on TV is The Daily Show.  Letterman has been mailing it in for 10 years and Conan doesn’t do it for me anymore.  John Stewart gets the best guests night in and night out (republicans as well as dems).  He is clever, smart and actually knows the issues.  Dennis Miller wishes we could be John Stewart.

4.  We had Leo Mazzone on Tuesday.  With all the young pitching in the majors, how the hell is he out of a job?  He told us he wants back in and any team would be stupid not to hire the greatest pitching coach off all time…no offense to Joe Kerrigan.

5.  I would rather watch the Nationals vs. the Orioles then any game involving the A’s.  They bore me to tears.

Big Ben in Big Trouble

07.21.09 at 11:46 am ET
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It will be interesting to see how both the Steelers and the NFL handle this situation.  The Rooney family has been the model franchise for the NFL and now their star QB who they just gave $100 Million is being accused of sexual assault.


Our friends at have been all over this.  On the surface it sounds a lot like the Kobe case.  Will Ben settle out of court?  If he does, is that an admission on guilt?  Time will tell.  Again here is the link to the story.  LINK