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FSU, I got your tomahawk chop right here

11.15.08 at 1:26 pm ET
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Game Day:

BC FSU 8 pm kickoff tonight at Doak S. Campbell Stadium.  It will be a black out, as FSU will wear black shirts and pants, and encourage fans attending to wear black as well.  Since we are already at the stadium, I know a bit early for an 8pm kickoff, but we have to go when the early bus leaves.  I thought I would bring you a few images of what we do when there are late games:  First off, you have to know Meterparels eating habits.  The greaser the food the better.  One of his favorite stops is Steak-N-Shake, so we took off for lunch at noon headed for, you guessed it SNS.  To the left Meter is enjoying a Frisco melt, Jayme Parker got the same thing (her first ever trip to SNS), I had the Portobello Mushroom and Swiss burger.  As we left Jparker put a cool lid on Meterparel, for a guy that doesn’t like to wear hats it took him a while to remove this one!  You get a free bowl of soup with that hat?  Oh it looks good on you!

Tonight’s game will be a big test for the BC offensive linemen, not only will they have the crowd noise(another picture on that to follow), but they will have to deal with Everette Brown, a 6 foot 4 inch pass rushing machine with 9 sacks this year.  Chris Crane needs to not lose the game for the eagles.  What I mean by that is, don’t make any mistakes (see Quinton Porter in the first ACC game at the Heights-first pass was a pick 6), don’t try to force things, or this defense will kill you.

Bus ride in there are already Noles fans tailgating, think they'll make it to kickoff?

A small note that may only interest me (did I just sound like Peter King right

Meterparel and Jayme Parker on the field about 2pm!

Meterparel and Jayme Parker on the field about 2pm!

there) and Big Game James.  Ron Simmons will be on the sidelines tonight to enjoy a game at the Doak.  Simmons a former FSU linebacker in the 70′s and WWE superstar.  There is a good article in about him and his love for FSU.  I told Jayme she has to interview Ron if he is there so give a listen tonight.  Don’t forget the game is on AM 680 due to celts conflict.

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Jack This.

11.13.08 at 11:22 am ET
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Where to start.  First off, happy birthday to , as Iggy would say my BFF,  Curt Schilling Nov 14th.  Curt I will miss all the pub we got out of you this year, next season.  Okay onto my gripe.  All 3 of my readers know that I am a Bruins fan and love to watch the games on TV, but I have three words for Jack Edwards, Please Stop Talking!  Now I don’t know Jack from Jill, I have met him once and he seems like a nice guy.  And I’m not writing this because I work with Dale, I would write this, or tell him to his face, if I worked with him as well.  Jack, it is TV and we don’t need the overkill of information/chatter/useless information.  If it were the radio, what you’re doing now would be perfect, but it is TV and I don’t need to know the B’s dumped it the 200 feet, I CAN SEE IT.  Also when a player has it on the “half boards” not a big fan of that either.  I guess what I am saying is you are giving us to much stuff, less is more, and stop with the hockey cliche’s.  You have the Remy of hockey sitting next to you, let the guy who played the game talk a little more, in fact a lot more.  Who am I to be telling you this, I am nobody but a fan of the Bruins, love to watch them, but hearing to much is killing me.  It all isn’t bad, I do appreciate the excitement, it shows you care about the Bruins, and when the time calls for it you do a great job at it, its just the down time that I don’t need all the chatter!

Ty Law

Ty, welcome back to the NFL, sorry it is with the Jets.  I, for one, would have loved a reunion with old number 24.  Now we know it wasn’t about the money, a prorated salary of 850,000 vet minimum(which is around 340,000).  It is a great thing for the rivalry, more story lines when these two teams come together.  Thats why the NFL Network is going 5-8 with Pregame!  I love the NFL Network!  If Ty came to the Pats, I think it would have made them more of an option to go to the AFC championship game.  Then came the injury to A.T., plus Rodney and we all know the most important injury, 12.


My friend Meghan.  Meghan we don’t know each other, but I appreciate you reading and the criticism, as noted above about Jack Edwards, if I can dish it out, I have to be able to take it.  In case you all missed it, Megan sent an email to the show about…well read it for yourself:


John – while I give chach enormous props for truly getting the station ‘blogging’ during spring training this year, I am begging you to PLEASE tell him to stop using an exclamation point to end EVERY sentence. He is adored by us all, I promise you. But please rip the number 1 key from his keyboard for the forseable future so that we can restore some levity to his musings.  – Meghan

Meghan, its my Blog!!! and I’ll Exlamation what I want!!! When I want to!!!  Seriously, thanks for the email and I’ll try to tone it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Next post.  Again thanks for reading, comments and feedback to

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5 Predictions for the Pats/Jets

11.12.08 at 5:55 pm ET
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1. Matt Cassel throws for more yards and less picks then Brett Favre.

Don't cry Brett.....

Don't cry Brett.....

Cassel is playing better football right now and Brett Favre. Cassel makes less mistakes and has better weapons then The Gun Slinger and will show that tomorrow night

2. The Pats will pick on Ty Law.

I thought the Pats missed the boat and should have signed Law after Rodney Harrison got hurt, but after Ty’s comments about why he signed with the Jets, something seemed off. I’m getting the feeling no one wanted Law, including Bill Belichick, and this is something Eric Mangini did to make people think he out smarted his old boss. If Belichick feels the same way, then there is no doubt he is going to go right at the former Patriot DB and make him and the Mangenius look foolish.

3. Brandon Meriweather has one pick.

The 2nd year DB is coming into his own and by years end he will make people forget Rodney Harrison. He will continue his great play with a pick against the mistake prone Favre.

4. Jabar Gaffney is the leading receiver.

The 7 year vet had 4 catches last week after being the forgotten man for the previous 4. Gaffney has had success against the Jets in the past, look for it to continue this week.

5. Pats win big.

The Patriots are playing good football. The front 3 are finally all playing at a pro bowl level and Jarod Mayo  is turning into a stud. The secondary is still a weakness but if the Pats can stop the run there is no way Brett Favre beats them with his arm and decision making. 

Patriots 29 Jets 13

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Who’s Hot/Who’s Not

11.10.08 at 2:45 pm ET
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Who’s Hot

The NY Giants. At the beginning of the year there were many who thought this team was average and just happened to go on a run last January. They were wrong. The Giants are the 2nd best team in the NFL behind Tennessee. If they played the Titans at home I would make them a slight favorite. Eli Manning is the better Manning right now and Brandon Jacobs is a monster — you can’t tackle him one on one.

QB’s in College Football. We have 4 QB’s in college football that in any other year would be Heisman front runners. Graham Harrell, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow are the top 4 players in the Heisman race and the winner from a year ago is 4th in most people’s minds.

Red Zone Channel on Direct TV. I was out of town this weekend and was at a friends house Sunday for all the NFL games. Along with the internet and the printing press the Red Zone Channel is one of the best inventions of the last 1000 years. It takes you to every game within seconds of a big play. They show replays and then take you live to each games. It is produced so well and they NEVER go to commercial. Unreal.

Who’s Not

The name of this post. I need a better name then Who’s Hot and Who’s Not. It is old and tired. I tried Who’s Smokin and Who’s Chilled but my brother Dave told me it was very lame. Please e-mail any suggestions to

The AFC. Besides Tennessee who is a top team? Pittsburgh? No. New England? No. Denver, The Jets, Indy? No, no, no. There is a lot of mediocrity with all the heavyweights in the NFC. That should make the AFC playoffs a lot of fun.

George W. Bush. His Disapproval rating is 76%. The lowest since they started doing this poll. Lower then his father, lower then Carter and even lower then Nixon during Watergate. There is no doubt he will go down in history as one of the worst leaders in American history. With the War in Iraq a complete disaster, the economy in the tank, the deficit at 10 trillion dollars (he took over a surplus) and his party in a state of chaos, president Bush leaves the office and his country in a complete mess, one that president elect Obama is left to clean up.

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End of the Week Blog!

11.07.08 at 9:30 am ET
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Is that not the oldest cliche in the book?  Anyway, I wrote a blog yesterday but erased it by accident!  I started by saying that I was happy that we didn’t have to cover politics as much, but the great dynamic about D and C is that we can do it, and do it well!  With the exception of Iggy, we let all the democratic views to the top of the list that is why the conversation is so compelling!  That is the way we stay number 1 in the morning a wide range of topics, not just sports!  I will leave my politics aside and leave you with this, I did see a creative video online the other day, I thought it was funny.  Check it out!


One of the best commercials ever made to pump a product.  If you haven’t seen the Heidi Klum, Guitar Hero add, you have to check it out!, anybody wanna doubt Seal?  This is why Nick Chach might find a new Guitar Hero under the Christmas tree this year!

Its Called Bruins!

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that the B’s are actually getting the Claude Julian system.  We were told last year that it would take time for the team to pick it up and trust it, that was evident with the end of season push and the Canadians series.  Now fast forward to today.  The Bruins are now 7-3-2 going into the weekend, and I know it is way to early to say, but hold the 5th spot should the playoffs begin today!  Blake changed his number to 26 and lit the lamp for 3 goals!  The games they are playing are extremely entertaining, and the goal tending is tremendous.  The NHL is an embarrassment, to leave Tim Thomas off the all star ballot is half the reason I have a problem with Gary Bettman!  The other is Versus!  I can’t find a non Bruins game on a random night.  The only night I know of that Versus carries the games is on Monday!  It used to be that the 4 letter network carried games, it seemed now, every night!  I know I could get the NHL package but at this point in the game, don’t you think the NHL should be giving their product away to the networks because they need to build their national product?  For my money Hockey is the best game going.  There is constant action!  I vent but isn’t that what the blog is for?


Now not because I work for BC, but I truly hate ND.  Not their players or coach just ND.  The reason for this is because back when I was younger it seemed that they were the only college team on TV.  I call NBC the Notre Dame Broadcast Company.  I couldn’t take it.  I also always disliked them because they always seemed to be good.  It seemed that they always were rolling over their opponent.  Once I became friendly enough with Coach Jags, I told him, if he only wins one game a year it better be the ND game.  I explained to him my hatred for the team.  He laughed at me and told me he understood, because of all the national media attention they get, you either love’em or hate’em!  So my Ron Borges prediction for BC ND this weekend, BC 72 ND 0, no pressure there ayboys?  Thanks for the response to the Mike O’Malley Q and A, and again my apologies to Mike on getting the date wrong, as always you can send comments to  Thanks and enjoy the weekend!

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