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Big Ben in Big Trouble

07.21.09 at 11:46 am ET
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It will be interesting to see how both the Steelers and the NFL handle this situation.  The Rooney family has been the model franchise for the NFL and now their star QB who they just gave $100 Million is being accused of sexual assault.


Our friends at have been all over this.  On the surface it sounds a lot like the Kobe case.  Will Ben settle out of court?  If he does, is that an admission on guilt?  Time will tell.  Again here is the link to the story.  LINK

Professor Gates Image

07.21.09 at 9:23 am ET
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Thanks to the NY Post, here is the image of Professor Gates being led away from his house.

Clay Buchholz New Girlfriend — Lindsay Clubine

07.17.09 at 8:57 am ET
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Wow — he goes from a penthouse pet to this — Well done Clay


Berman and Brock!

07.14.09 at 8:00 pm ET
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Okay so the home run derby is over.  Is it just me or is time to retire the Du-Du-Du’s?  I am so tired of Chris Berman’s act.  Dennis and

Callahan talked about doing a home run derby with all the steroid cheats.  I think to add to that idea, we should make Berman and Joe Morgan take a couple Du-Du-Du’s to make the broadcast better.  Going back to the Hartford Open (now known as the Travelers) when I saw the dude sweat playing golf.  Really!  I’m carrying an 85 pound golf bag, thanks Fax, and Berman was playing.  He looked like he just took a shower.  Back, no pun intended, to the home run derby.  I would rather have Joe Buck do it with Artie Lang, or Paul Rudd.  And to pair him up with the horrid Joe Morgan.  Morgan was so off his game because every pitch was a fastball down the middle.  Did you think about how many times he had to bite his lip?  Jonesing to say, a little cut fastball!  Steve Phillips is an excellent addition to the Sunday night booth.  Here’s an idea, how about the crew from baseball tonight do it?  Karl Ravech, Gammons and Kruck would be great.  I only lasted through Brandon Inge, who I picked to win it all, I just can’t take the Back Back Back crap anymore.  I would rather hear Nick or Ava’s teacher, take their finger nails and run them down the chalkboard!

Now onto Brock Lesnar.  Now all things wrestling I would defer to BGJ (Big Game James), we had a discussion this morning about Lesnar and his popularity.  For two years he was at the top from pretty much his debut.  He had to be a top 10 earner.  He is a freak, but for a “dumb” wrestler he is a genius.  The UFC and Dana White should be pumped about the attention he has brought from the “casual” fan.  I have seen about 30 seconds of UFC or the MMA, when I pass Spike TV I keep clicking.  But for Lesnar he put the UFC front and center.  How many times does SportsCenter do a UFC or MMA highlight?  Once or Twice a month?  He brought his salesmanship to the ring post fight.  That’s the way you get people to by more UFC Fights, you give them someone they will buy a fight for, because they want to see if he will go off after a fight.  Vince McMahon is a promoter, that is all Brock was doing.  Promoting himself, end of story, Dana White will be pumped come next pay per view that Brock fights in and sells 100,000 more than the last!  Sure you want them to become fans of UFC, but if that is what it takes to grow the sport, jump on Brock’s coattails baby and ride that wave, Surf’s up.  Now if they could only get Terry Bollea and Mr. T to be at the next pay per view for a fight I might buy it, throw in I am a Real American as their entrance song and I’m a fan, for life!

I have been having this thought about Steve McNair for a while now.  All these guys have women at their feet at the drop of a hat.  Does anybody remember those “rumors” about Steve Young?  Not married, yadda yadda yadda, Troy Aikman.  Do you now feel like I do, that Young and Aikman were more concerned with being the best at their sport, they didn’t want any distractions.  Not that they didn’t have a girlfriend, but  they weren’t tied to any one person.  They just wanted to play football, plain and simple.  McNair’s girlfriend saw another girl leave his condo so she got jealous.  Plus he “promised” her he would leave his wife.  Did she really believe this?  I don’t feel bad for McNair, did he deserve to get shot, no way, but he was asking for trouble the way he was living his life.  Did he ever think of his four kids?  Ever think of the wife?  Not that you envision the worst case scenario but eventually you will get caught.
Don’t forget Who’s Hotter will be back Friday, sorry I was away and you had to read 10 things Iggy thinks he thinks.  Although I would like Iggy to answer this question.  If Sarah Palin is “stupid” how did she become governor of Alaska?  Think she wants to help produce a radio show?

10 Things Iggy Thinks He Thinks

07.08.09 at 8:47 pm ET
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Peter King is on vacation so here is 10 Things Iggy Thinks He Thinks

1. I would trade Bowden, Buchholtz and Bard for Halladay in a cocaine heartbeat.  Like Meter said, you are the favorite to win the World Series the next 2 years.  Plus who says Wakefield is going to continue his hot first half.  I love Wake but don’t trust him to win 8 games in the 2nd half.

2. I don’t love Bill Maher but I watched Religuious this week and highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t a right wing religious nut — anyone with an open mind will appreciate this film.  It will make you think.

3. Tim Cahill — good for you.  You may turn out to be no different then the other pigs on Beacon Hill but you are heading in the right direction.  Don’t tie yourself to any party — people are not happy with anyone in Mass Politics and the further away from the “old school” way of thinking the better.

3. The A’s might have the most boring team in all of baseball.  Aside from Nomar, this team has no one worth watching.

4. Felger calm down…..Rasheed Wallace is not a good guy, but he is far from the dog you are making him out to be.  He will come here and be a model citizen, aside from the 15 T’s he will get throughout the course of the regular season.

5. The Yankees are the Brian Daubach of baseball teams — win 10 of 14 — lose 7 of 10.  They are on a hot streak right now but look for them to go on a nice losing streak shortly after the All Star Break.

6. I thought Jason Varitek was going to hit .250 this season?

7. I am a fan of Larry Ridley on the radio — nice find by the mid day show.

8. Republicans are the most thin skinned group of people in the world.  Feel free to hammer our President since the day he took office, but god forbid we play one sound clip of an uneducated former GOP star flushing her career down the toilet and these people go insane.

9. I think the Celtics are making a mistake in not signing Glen Davis — he is a 23 year old kid with a unique body, who is developing a nice jump shot and can play the 3 and 4.

10. 53 days until my fantasy football draft.