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A Few Great Links

05.27.09 at 11:09 am ET
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While you are sitting at your desk listening to and wishing the day was over — here are a few cool links to help pass the time.


One of the movies that help shape my life — Ferris Bueller’s Day Off– is still quoted any time someone says “9 times.”  If you live in the Chicago area you have to check out this open house…”when Cameron was in Egypt land….let my Cameron goooooo.”  CLICK HERE (Thanks to P-Rice)


Even if you aren’t a huge college football fan like Chach and me — if you have been listening to the show you know how crazy we think Lane Kiffin is.  Someone has a lot of time on their hands and has done a great job with the new “Lane Kiffin Show.”  CLICK HERE (Thanks to Bonez)


For a good read from a smart conservative who isn’t an idealogue, check out David Brooks from the NY Times.  (Thanks to Sherm)


D and C’s favorite Tee Shirt…click here.

05.22.09 at 8:27 am ET
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We had a big disagreement with the powers that be, we can’t post the image but here is the link to our new favorite tee shirt!

One more poll question!

05.21.09 at 7:19 am ET
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Who is the ugliest?

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Poll Question from this morning!

05.21.09 at 7:04 am ET
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What was the biggest surprise from last night?

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Is Felger off his rocker?

05.19.09 at 5:48 am ET
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Doing show prep this morning I read in the NY Post’s Page Six, that A-Roid is now getting it on with Kate Hudson.  So I say to Felger that she is way hotter than Madonna and cut A-Roid a little slack.  So I tell Felger that Kate Hudson is hotter than Madonna, and he says “No Way.”   I know it is early Felger, but, are you High this morning?  Were the Allman Brothers playing somewhere local and you hit the bong and are still flyin’ high this morning?  So I ask you the listeners the easiest question there is, with photos to boot, Who is Hotter?

Who is hotter?

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