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Iggy’s Inauguration Blog — Part 1

01.19.09 at 2:20 pm ET
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The Time is Now

The Time is Now

Tomorrow is a historic day in the history of our country — Democrat, Republican, White or Black, this country is in desperate need of change and tomorrow at 12:42p we hope to have it.Gerry is the lone wolf in his decision to not give President-Elect Obama a chance. Even Dino and Chach are willing to see what happens. I will be blogging all day today and tomorrow with my thoughts on everything that is going on in Washington. Feel free to e-mail me at and I will post every e-mail I get.

Just to get started here are a few thoughts…..

– There is too much money being spent on the Balls. Some media outlets are reporting over $100 million has been donated for the Inauguration and all the Balls. In our current economic climate the money should be put to better use. Companies are struggling yet they find the money to spend on this…it’s just not right

– The Inauguration itself is just what we as a country need. Aside from the Callahans, Coulters and other right wing nuts, this is a chance to put politics aside and celebrate a truly unique American event.

– You can’t argue the fact we are worse now then 8 years ago. Much worse in fact. 9/11 created a different world for Americans and Bush is not to blame for this, but his response was to invade Iraq and blame them for this act of terrorism. Looking back no one can argue this was the wrong response (Gerry can argue but he would be wrong). The Obama administration will answer the challenges of the next 8 years without this “cowboy” mentality  we have grown so accustom to. Obama is a pragmatic, reasonable, smart leader who will never react irrationally as the former administration did.

– Whether you want to use the word “change” or not, a different regime is coming to DC — if you voted for Barack Obama you are already on board, if you didn’t vote for him, this can still be an exciting time as you will get to see first hand what might be one of the great administrations to hold the White House.

– A lot of people have put their faith in soon to be President Barack Obama–the talking ends tomorrow at 12:42p. It’s time to act. The time is now.

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Final thoughts on my man Jags…

01.09.09 at 9:52 am ET
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Okay, I’ve been a little busy trying to chase guests for this story to blog about it. I did talk to someone close to the situation yesterday after the show. That person told me there there is a lot of misinformation out there, and like everything, we all know that.  There are always two sides to every story. We all have heard, as Meter would say, ” bits and pieces” of this situation.

I was front row for the Gene DeFillipo press conference. I have been on many road trips over the last four years with Boston College, and I have never, ever seen Gene that emotional: not after both ACC championship losses, not even after the bowl streak came to and end. I guess that’s what happens when you put your neck out on the the line to hire a guy, and a good friend on top of that. The feeling I got sitting there watching Gene was that he just lost a relative; he was that upset. Now I did get a denial from Jags to come on with Dennis and Callahan, saying he didn’t want to come on, because “the media can’t help, it can only hurt you.” Okay, then why talk to ESPN’s Kelly Naqi? (Sorry cheap shot there. I guess I am just jealous of her.) He also told me that he is “BC’s biggest fan and will root hard for them every year.”

But is it only me who still wants some questions answered? Like, was this brew ha ha really all over the interview with the Jets? Do you really not like to recruit? Was it the high academic standards that BC has that made you think differently while recruiting? When did this feeling first surface? What is next for Jags?

My take is that all Gene wanted was a simple phone call from his coach telling him some teams wanted to talk to him. He didn’t want to hear it from a writer. I have given the example of when you were a kid growing up, in high school. Your parents would treat us the same way: son, I know you are going to encounter drinking, we’re not gonna punish, just be upfront with us. All Gene was looking for was for Jags to be up front with him. Communicate and this whole mess never happens.

I have been in Jags’ office every Monday for the past two years to tape his radio show with Meterparel. I NEVER got the sense that he didn’t want to be here. In fact, just the opposite. He was always saying to us, hey I don’t need to sell Boston College to kids–who wouldn’t want to be here, in a big-time city where you can get a great education and a great program? And the last few shows he was talking about next year’s class, guys he met with, guys who he thought would help the program, and those who wouldn’t.

For me I feel that BC is a great destination for any kid who wants to play Division 1 football. Is it harder to recruit with the restrictions? Damn right it is. But the percentage of players in Division 1 that get drafted and have a legit shot at the pros is one percent. There are thousands of college players, and 350 get drafted. To answer one of my earlier questions I still have left over for Jags, was it all about the recruiting? No way, most of the hardcore recruiting is done by assistant coaches. Go to Eagle Action and click on the recruits. Most state that they were recruited by an assistant. Besides, Jags is as big a promoter of BC as Gene.

Like Gene said in his press conference, they were “really divided on the future of the program and what they wanted for it.” Let’s just say both men agreed to disagree and they parted ways! My pick for the next coach? I’m gonna have to go with my man Meter on this one and say Coach Spaz. He deserves a shot, and has been very loyal to the program. Plus his defensive numbers, last year alone, speak for themselves: fifth in total defense in the country. Now that I just gave him the kiss of Death (sorry Spaz), Gene will probably hire someone else.

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Greatest Sitcom Episodes of All-Time

01.08.09 at 10:58 am ET
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Greatest sitcom episode of all time goes to Jerry and his crew....

Greatest sitcom episode of all time goes to Jerry and his crew....

In anticipation of Free Form Flatbread Friday, the Greatest QB in Holy Cross Football history, and friend of The Producers Blog, came up with a great idea for a blog post. With the help of Brian C. here is Chach and Iggy’s list of the 10 greatest Sitcom episodes of all time…feel free to leave a comment and tell us what we missed.

10. You’ve got Aids – Family Guy

9.  The Naked Man – How I Met Your Mother

8.  The Carpool Lane — Curb Your Enthusiasm

7.  Stealing Wade Boggs Pants – Cheers

6.  Diversity Day – The Office

5.  Michael Jackson - The Simpsons

4.  Beefcake – South Park

3.  Soup Nazi - Seinfeld

2.  Cliff on Jeopardy – Cheers

1.  The Contest – Seinfeld

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Check in from Nashville

12.30.08 at 9:15 am ET
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Night one is in the books. The Meterparels and the Ciaccios arrived in Nashville at around 12:30 yesterday.  We are at the Gaylord Opryland resort.  The place is like Disney, country style, everything you need is under one big window (literally–the ceiling is made of windows so you can see outside).  They have everything from restaurants to coffee shops to a joint where I can buy a cowboy hat and boots, and I am looking forward to going to the Bass Pro Shop at some point.  We walked around this huge complex for a couple hours, hit the gym then headed out to line dance and hear some local country music.

We go to hail a cab and I run into a limo driver, he tells me that he just had a cancellation and that he would take us downtown for the same rate as a cab (50 bucks round-trip).  So, no disrespect to cabbies, we jumped at the chance.  This guy was a wealth of knowledge when it came to downtown Nashville.  He gave us a quick tour of downtown and recommended a good BBQ joint.  I mean come on, we’re in Nashville, you didn’t think we were going to eat Italian, did you?  We walk into the local bar Rippy’s, belly up to the bar and all heads turn to us, the misfits, the Yankees who don’t quite fit in.  We sit at the bar and the band starts playing the banjo boy song from deliverance, I kid you not, and I thought Meter was gonna be the next Ned Beatty!  He got a real pretty mouth ain’t he?  I ordered the local brew, a Fat Tire, a heavy ale with a kick, had a good taste but one of those beers that you can only have one or two if you plan on eating.  I get the bbq pork loin on Texas toast, great eats and good local feel.  We finish up there and head over to “Tooties” according to our limo guy Mike, Tooties is connected to a concert hall where all the famous acts would sneak over between sets and drink a few beers.  This bar reminded me of Copperfields in Boston, small stage right when you walk in on your right, great local talent again!  This bar was to small for us, it was packed so we moved on to an Iggy recommended spot, the Stage.  Huge bar, again I am going to sound like the DJ from Fred Clause saying the same thing, but great local talent, as far as country music goes.  There were a few local drunks on the dance floor, started out with this woman, had to be about 55 or so, had way to many White Zins, she got the whole crowd dancin’ as she stumbled to the floor and was doing what Billy Idol told us all to do back in the 80′s.  We ended the night with the Meterparels at around midnight, they headed in and the Ciaccio’s headed back out, this time to the Jack Daniels bar here in the hotel for a night cap.

Now that I have bored you with what I was doing night one in Nashville, I am headed to LP Field,  home of the Titans, to set up some equipment for tomorrow’s broadcast, and find where Kerry Collins hides the Vodka, heard on weei at 3pm pregame 330 kickoff, then off to the Country Music Hall of fame and maybe the Predators pro shop, hey gotta get my nephew something for taking care of my dog!  I’ll check in tomorrow before the game to give a review of the CMHoF.  Thanks for reading and send along some emails, I want to do a mailbag like my man Curt!

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All I want for the Holidays is…….

12.17.08 at 12:05 pm ET
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Yes I said Holiday, Gerry — deal with it!!!

Dwight says Merry X-Mas

Dwight says Merry X-Mas

1. A Patriots win in the playoffs. I don’t want to just make the playoffs, I want Matt Cassel to win at least one game.

2. Manny signs with an AL team. It is going to be the toughest ticket in town when Manny makes his return to Boston and for the first time in 8 years gets booed at Fenway.

3. D-Lowe in Boston. He never should have left, he belongs here. He is one of us. He loves this city and this team. Yeah he liked to party in his day, but that is behind him — Theo, make it happen, bring D-Lowe back home…And lets get him a weekly spot in the Dennis and Callahan Show.

4. A Blowout on Christmas. I want to watch all the Laker fans with their number 8 jerseys and $500 sun glasses go home knowing who the best team in the NBA is. I want Paul Pierce to drop 40 and Rondo to run them off the floor.

5. 10 Great Bowl Games. There are 34 Bowl Games and I will watch them all — I want 10 of them to be great, compelling games with last second finishes. But I want South Carolina to blow out Iowa — I can’t take a close game.

6. College basketball to grip me. I haven’t been able to get fired up for college basketball in a few years. I need a special player to take over the sport or a team to go on a magical run — or else I won’t watch much hoop until March.

7. Obama gets a chance. All the Obama bashers out there need to give this guy a chance. We gave G.W. 4 years, now its time you give President Obama at least 2 before you decide to judge him. It is fair to blame this past administration for the mess we are in, so we need to give Obama a fair shake to fix it. I can hear Gerry on January 21st bitching that the economy is not getting better and Obama is to blame.

8. Jack comes back better then ever. 24 makes its return in January and I need Jack to be back. I need the show to not become The Soprano’s from the final season. I need Jack to kill everyone and Chloe to play a huge role in saving the world.

9. Sitcoms continue to be strong. How I Met Your Mother, The Office and Worst Week are must watch sitcoms every week. For the first time ever I have 3 shows I can’t wait to watch on my DVR when I get home from work. Barney Stinson might be the best character on television and Dwight Schrute isn’t too far behind.

10. Keep reading the blog. I think I speak for Chach when I thank everyone for reading the blog over the last 6 months. It’s been a lot of fun and we appreciate every comment – even the ones that tell me to go f myself. Happy Holidays and next year is going to be even better.

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