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7 Predictions from Iggy

09.16.09 at 10:45 am ET
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7 Predictions heading into the Fall season……..Sorry Bradford I’m not doing 5 or 10, I’m doing 7.

1.  Last week I was not sure the Red Sox were going to make the playoffs, now I believe the Sox will get within two games of the Yankees by the end of the year.  I’m not sure they will overtake the Yanks but they will get within two.

2. Fans of Notre Dame and Tennessee will not be happy.  Both teams had big week one wins and then followed them up with very disappointing losses. Both programs are just not that good and one program (not the Vols) will have a new head coach by January.

3. Teddy Bruschi will play for the Patriots.  Judging by Coach Bill’s comments to The Big Show yesterday, it is just a matter of time before number 54 is back playing in Foxboro.

4. The Patriots lose to the Jets.  I’m not feeling confident heading into Sunday. The Jets have been gearing up all summer for this game.  The Pats have always had trouble with Rex Ryan defenses and this week will be no different.

5. Southern Cal will play for the National Championship.  This year they are not losing to anyone in the Pac 10 and they aren’t losing to the Irish, that’s for sure.

6. A Wild Card team will play in the World Series.  Either the Red Sox, Yankees, Rockies or Giants will go on a run and play late in October.

7. Health Care reform will not pass.  There is too much opposition from the republicans.  The GOP doesn’t want Obama to succeed with ANYTHING so no compromise will be reached and no hands will be extended from the dying political party.

Deep Thoughts By Iggy

09.08.09 at 9:22 pm ET
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Deep Thoughts by Iggy

Nothing gets a team out of a hitting slump like playing the Baltimore Orioles — they really really suck.

I will not vote for Curt Schilling for US Senate, not because he has no experience, or because he isn’t a Kennedy (that was a joke Callahan) but because I don’t agree with him on any of the major issues.

World Cup Qualifier matches have produced some very enjoyable soccer for those of us who love the game

BC can win 4 games in the ACC. After watching the first weekend of college football there is no doubt the ACC is the worst BCS conference and I would go as far as to say there are some mid majors that are better top to bottom. BC has 2 very good running backs and a solid defense, if they can get marginal QB play they could once again surprise the college football world.

I hope people remember that Southern Cal was a bad football program when Pete Carroll took over 9 years ago. What he has done to rebuild that program to a level never seen in LA is remarkable.

I’m not going to say they are back but Notre Dame looked very smooth offensively and very fast on D. With an easy schedule and an experienced QB, they COULD win 9 games.

“Pocket Money” is the worst show in the history of Television. I like Fitzy but that show is not funny at all.

The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, turned 40. That makes all his loyal readers feel very old.

I agree with Meter, LT is not a great fantasy pick, he is on the back 9 of his career.
College Football Picks for week 2 : Syracuse + 28 over Penn State — South Carolina + 8 over Georgia — Southern Cal -6 over Ohio State

Schilling Senate Poll?

09.03.09 at 9:17 am ET
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Thoughts on a Sunday Night….

08.23.09 at 11:22 pm ET
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These past 3 games vs. the Yankees was the worst managed series in Tito’s time in Boston –

Let’s start by saying it together…”He is the greatest manager of our lifetime.” I’m not saying he should be fired. That being said, he gave up down 8 runs Friday night. Lets not forget that just a few months ago Baltimore came back from 8 runs in just 2 innings. The Sox ended up scoring 11 runs and that was without Bay, Youk and V-Mart. Posada was still catching in the 9th for the Yankees.

Beckett clearly had nothing from the first inning on — he gave up 7 runs in 5 innings and they scored in every one of those innings. Did anyone even warm up? It must have been because V-Mart was catching and not Varitek….wait, Varitek was catching?

I like the way Tazawa works. He works quick and attacks hitters. He is the anti Dice-K.

I’m not saying the Little League World Series shouldn’t be on TV, but it is very uncomfortable to watch 11 and 12 year olds crying and that is what we see every game. It’s tough to watch.

John Stewart is the funniest man on TV. You don’t have to agree with him politically but writing comedy is the hardest thing to do and no one does it better. If any right-wing nuts tell me Dennis Miller is funnier then John Stewart (Gerry Callahan) they lose all credibility when it come to comedy. You may like watching people rant and rave and use catch words like “socialist” and “moonbat” but that’s not hard. Anyone can do it…see Fox News. Making people laugh is hard and there has never been anyone on the right who is remotely funny.

10 Deep Thoughts by Iggy

08.20.09 at 7:30 pm ET
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10 Deep Thoughts By Iggy –
Jason Varitek not catching Beckett had ZERO impact. The reason he gave up 7 runs was not because V-Mart was catching.

John Calipari and Rick Pitino deserve each other — the State of Kentucky has the 2 slimiest college basketball coaches in the game.

With the recent Pitino and Coach Cal stories, College Football coaches look better and better. The 119 college football coaches don’t have anything on the 300+ college basketball coaches when it comes to the “Slimball factor.”

Would anyone else not be surprised if Ben Watson was cut before the season starts?

What does Danny Angie have in store for Tony Allen this season? Where is he going to find any playing time on this roster — which Callahan pointed out- is better then the team that won it all a few years ago.

3 defensive college football players NFL fans will want to watch this season — Eric Berry from Tennessee, Carlos Dunlap from Florida and Eric Norwood from South Carolina. All 3 would look AMAZING in a Patriots uniform next season — although highly unlikely they will be around when Bill picks.

I like the 49ers to make a run this season and be a surprise playoff team. Can’t win with ‘€˜em! Can’t do it! Won’t do it!

I still would trade Buchholz for Halladay.

JP Ricciardi is the worst GM in all of baseball and he gets a free ride in Boston because he is from here and friends with the media in this town. Give me 1 GM who has done a worse job? You can’t do it.

When all is said and done Kenny Chesney will be bigger then Jimmy Buffett