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Balloon Boy Pukes on Today!

10.16.09 at 8:27 am ET
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Can this story get any stranger?

Frank McCourt’s Beachfront House

10.15.09 at 8:55 am ET
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One of Frank McCourt’s many houses in SoCal — this one on the beach…..not bad, eh?



Rush to Judgement

10.13.09 at 12:43 pm ET
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Most of you probably think I don’t believe Rush Limbaugh should be able to own the St. Louis Rams.  In the words of Lee Corso…not so fast my friend.

Do I think Rush Limbaugh is bad for America…yes.

Do I think Rush Limbaugh sets the agenda for the Republican Party…yes.

Do I think Rush Limbaugh bates listeners with the topic of race, in exactly the same way as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do…yes.

Do I think Rush Limbaugh would be a good owner for the people of St. Louis…maybe.

Say what you want about Rush, and I hate him, I cringe when I listen to him and I fume when he distorts the truth about president Obama and the rest of the Democrats, but the man is a business man first and foremost.  He has created possibly the strongest brand in media. 

NBC News, forget about it.  CNN, not even close.  The NY Times, are you kidding me?  Fox News…close but not yet.  Rush has created a brand that is so strong that when the head of the RNC questioned something Rush said, he was forced to crawl to Rush on his hands and knees and beg for his forgiveness or face the wrath of his party and possibly lose his job.  Imagine Howard Dean questioning Keith Olberman and then fearing for his political life.  If wouldn’t happen.

Rush is falling victim to the very same tactics he uses on his show.  He will take part of a quote from Obama or Hillary, completely out of context, and hammer it into the ground all to further his agenda of Obama-bashing.  When David Letterman made a joke about A-Rod and used Sarah Palin’s daughter as the punch line, anyone with half a brain understood he was not joking about raping a 12 year girl, but Rush and the Right Wing Media was able to slander Letterman (a tree hugging Dem) and the rest of his left leaning friends. 

Same thing is happening to Rush.  There have been hundreds of quotes from Rush’s broadcasts that have been published over the last week — 99 percent were said and 99 percent were taken out of context.  So for all the Rush apologists (and I work with 2)  stop whining like a bunch of dying dogs when the shoe is on the other foot.

Back to Rush owning the Rams…see what happens when I start talking about Rush, I get so worked up…..

Rush is a huge NFL fan, there is no debate.  Rush has the money.  Rush is a smart business man who doesn’t make bad investments (aside from Oxcy pills).  And sorry Everett, Rush isn’t a racist. 

The Rams are the worst franchise in the NFL.  Worse then Detroit if you can believe it and they are in dire need of stable ownership.  I’m not saying Rush is the BEST candidate but I can think of a lot worse.  Tom Yawkey and Marge Shott are brought up as racist owners who ran teams not too long ago.  I can’t believe I am going to say this, but it’s not fair to Rush to put him in that category…did I just say that?  Yes I did.

Chach’s New Pinup — Big Z Naked

10.08.09 at 7:31 am ET
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Chach was very excited when he opened his Boston Herald this morning –

No Toliet Paper For A Year

10.06.09 at 9:33 am ET
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Could you  go one year with out using TP?  Check out the story of the “No-Impact Man

Also, check out Dino’s new favorite show — Hoarders – on A&E