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Happy Signing Day — 2009

02.04.09 at 6:30 pm ET
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Top WR Alshon Jeffery could sign anywhere -- he will play for Steve Spurrier at South Carolina

Top WR Alshon Jeffery could sign anywhere -- he will play for Steve Spurrier at South Carolina

The 2009 College Football season officially began today with National Signing Day. Today is the day that high school seniors sign their letter of intent to play football for this coming season. It truly is the way Southern Cal and Florida lay the groundwork for the next 3 years. Now a days 18 year old kids can walk onto a campus and have a huge impact on a college football game.Down south and out west this is a huge day when fans camp out in front of computers and tv’s to see where an 18 year old kid is going to school. Schools are paying recruiting coordinators over half a million dollars to sign top kids every year and it has become a national holiday for college football junkies.

How much stock should you put in signing day rankings? A lot. If your team is signing top 10 recruiting classes every year, chances are you are winning 8 to 10 games a year and challenging for championships — the only exception is Notre Dame. The Irish have been singing top 5 classes for the last 4 years and they aren’t winning games. That speaks to the coaching over in South Bend. Southern Cal, Florida, Ohio State, LSU and Alabama are always in the top 10 in February and the following January they are in the top 10 in the rankings.

It is fascinating to follow these kids throughout the year and then see where they end up and see if they pan out 2 and 3 years down the road.

If you are interested in any of this check out or

Congrats to all the kids who signed from here in our state.

The top 2 recruits — Arthur Lynch (Georgia) and Joshua Adams (UNC) are heading south for school. Smart move.

Christian Bale, this dude needs to chill…and Bromance

02.03.09 at 11:24 am ET
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So we normally hit home runs on news stories a couple times a month.  You can’t make some of the stuff up that we get for headlines.  Today we hit a grand slam home run (sorry Meter).  Thanks to our friends at, we have “Batman” Christian Bale blasting a camera guy, or whatever the guy does, for walking behind the camera when he is trying to “perform” for the latest movie he is shooting Terminator Salvation.  I had a bit of fun by adding some cuts of others who have “gone off” when the timing was bad for them, and good for others.   In case you missed it, here is the story Dino read in headlines and I added a few drops myself!

We also took a great story from  It is all about guys at BC who enjoy hanging out with other guys.  Which for the most part I don’t have an issue with.  Hell, if I’m going to a bar to watch a game, I want to go with a buddy of mine more often than not.  Well, check out the story.  These guys don’t go to a bar to watch games, they go on “man-dates.”  You read right, Man-Dates.  They go, and I quote from one of the guys “to walk the freedom trail, got ice cream, walked along the beach, and watched the sunset in Boston Common.”  Seriously, if I watched a sunset with a guy, my wife would kick my ass, and like Adam Sandler said in Happy Gilmore, if I were caught watching sunsets with a guy, I’d kick my own ass.  If this story is legit, even if it isn’t, it is great fodder for a segment or two on the radio.  The thing I was really impressed with in this article, is that some of you out there still watch Scrubs, one of the great sitcoms on TV today!  They mention Turk and JD have a Bromance, I would agree.  Who would you, in the Boston market, consider to have Bromances?  Email me or just make a comment below,   I still think that the Larry Fitzgerald Felger one doesn’t work.  I have to do some thinking on that one.  I like Dino’s assessment of my Bromance with my twin, Jags.  Meter’s isn’t a Bromance, it is full blown Love affair for Matt Ryan.  Can’t quite get one for Iggy yet.  Gerry’s would be the man behind, and Dino’s would have to be Brad Faxon.

A Few old friends appearing on new Networks

01.29.09 at 11:47 am ET
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Sitting around thinking what I’d rather hear more of, Iggy’s dumb chime ins on the D and C show or Bruce Springsteen’s Halftime show.  And I gotta be honest here, I’m leaning towards Iggy’s dumb chime ins.  I’m not a big fan of Bruce, I don’t hate his music, but he’s not a guy I’m calling our friend Jim at Ace Tickets to get a pair to to go see him!  There are much more entertaining artists I’d rather go out of my way to see than the “Boss.”  Like Jimmy Buffett, he is as much a liberal as the “Boss” yet he doesn’t throw out his political views at his summer time concert series, and yes I am aware that Jimmy had a concert in Tampa in October supporting Obama!  Kenny Chessney, he is the Buffett of country music, now I have to admit (being a newbie to country music) I don’t know Kenny’s political take, nor do I care.  That is the point, just entertain me don’t tell me how to vote or how you are voting!

Verizon is the cable choice at the Chach’s household so I just got a couple new network channels.  We all know about the MLB network channel, thank you Hazel!  I have watched hot stove, 7pm on the MLB Network and find it very informative.  I like that they have a ton of ex-players they are using as their panel (Barry Larkin, Al Leiter and of course Sean Casey).  They also have the informative Jon Heyman of SI on there as well.  One drawback of having Verizon, the MLB Network isn’t on any of the HD channels, so no HD Hazel, what a shame!  The first week they also brought in Kevin Millar.  He and Harold Reynolds showed the viewers how to take advantage of the Monstah at Fenway.  They have a miniature field that they demonstrated on.  I haven’t seen them use it much since then, but I’m also not glued to it for 3-5 hours a day.

The NHL Network.  I have just started to tune in recently and it seems to be going in the right direction.  One problem I have with it, when I do turn it on (mid afternoon) they are replaying a talk radio show about hockey.  Replaying!  Is there no show “Live” that they can’t feed me mid afternoon, I have to watch a replay of a radio show from earlier in the day?  Give me an old hockey game, hell you could fill two hours with Gretzky highlights.  But I watch because it is in HD on Verizon (channel 587) and no I haven’t seen their version of Hot Stove, if they even have one, but I did see old friend and Bruin rink side reporter Rob Simpson doing a Fantasy Hockey show on there last night.  Whether you like him or hate him, the guy knows his hockey.  The show was well done, but they had an ex player on the other night and he was very dry.

And finally, Versus.  Remember when you couldn’t find Versus on your cable system (maybe you still can’t)?  We ripped it because it was in Lo Def and they played those Outdoorsman promos during games (they still do).  But I am starting to enjoy their coverage.  The studio analysis of Keith Jones and Brian Engblom isstarting to grow on me, their no Mike Milbury but he is tied in locally and to NBC.  I also like the fact that they have a stable of announcers to do games and aren’t just stuck with two guys.  Mike “Doc” Emrick is the best in the Business, Dale is a close second.  I love the fact that you can tune in and hear the local action analyst (Brickley) on the broadcast as well, more national broadcasts should do that like Fox did a couple years back, take the home team’s color analyst instead of Tim McCarver or Joe Morgan.  One beef I do have with all hockey game broadcasts, do away with the camera’s on the glass behind the net.  I don’t like the shot and 9 times out of 10 a guy gets hit back there, the camera shakes like mad and I get dizzy.  It could just be me but I don’t like that angle at all!  Anyway that’s all I’ve got, gotta go back and check out the site, funny but my comments haven’t been put up on the guys site yet, must have to black out all the swears and bad names I call Iggy!

Picking up the Pieces…..

01.27.09 at 12:22 pm ET
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More 'Tek Talk

More 'Tek Talk

Picking up the pieces while wondering when Dan Shaughnessy will write another “picking up the pieces” column….it’s been at least a week……

Red Sox fans will be ruing their wish to sign Jason Varitek when the Captain is hitting .220 in July – it doesn’t matter if he calls a good game when he goes 0-5 with 4 K’s.

My money is on a member of the media being the first to get arrested in Tampa this week.

The MLB Network is doing a great job in their first month on the air – love the studio shows — and of course, love our girl Hazel – she really is a star.

I don’t care if the Sox don’t care that Adam Dunn K’s 200 times a year. There IS such thing as a productive out so, “Suck It Bill James!”

The Arizona Cardinals will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17. Put it on the board. Meter had it first one week ago.

I’m starting to get into college hoops – conference play is great – I could do with out the 2 months of non-conference games.

I miss college football – even the NFL Playoffs don’t compare to a big time Saturday in the SEC or Big Ten

I have a feeling Charlie Weis will not be coaching the Irish come September. No inside info, just a hunch.

It speaks volumes that president Obama has to tell the republican senators and reps not to listen to everything Rush says. The fact that they make decisions based on a talk show host is pretty pathetic and is one of the reasons the GOP is in shambles.

The Strip Clubs in Tampa are staying open 24 hours a day this week – somewhere Mo Vaughn is smiling.

I think Jason Bay hits 40 HR’s and drives in 115 runs…and people are still talking about Manny come October

Tom Brady has always made the right decisions, but can’t he be doing something to help his rehab in Foxboro, rather then vacationing in Mexico with Gi?

Chach has done a lot for me in the 2 years I have known him, but introducing me to How I Met Your Mother tops everything. Thank You Chach.

I would give up Flatbreads for a year to hear Schilling and Shaughnessy co-host The Big Show.

Brady on the Radio…

01.21.09 at 6:52 pm ET
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Just listened to Tom Brady on FAN590 in Toronto, Canada…Really.  Tom was on with their afternoon host, Bob McCown.  It was in conjunction with a product called Myo Med, who hooked up this station with the interview.  Trust me people I have been trying to get him to come on with us since September.  The interview started out like the D and C show with him, or the Big Show with Belichick, a bunch of softballs about the inauguration, then his trip to Africa, which was set up by Bono’s interest group.  I felt bad for the producer, because the first injury question was asked and Tom answered, “Shit Happens” hopefully they have a delay up there.  Tom also said he followed every game the team played and was their biggest cheerleader.  Bob McCown then followed up with a question about Arizona and how this team could make it to the Super Bowl, after getting crushed by the Pats.  Tom’s answer was that a team can get hot at the right time, and he also praised Larry Fitzgerald.

They finally got to how his rehab is going and Tom, in typical Patriot injury talk fashion, said it is going really well, he has good days and bad days and that rehab tests you.  He is excited about the work and his progress.  He also pumped the product MyoMed, he has used it on his arm for tendonitis and his knee now.  It is basically a pain relieving cream.  He finished up by telling the hosts to “rub it on their jaws after the show if it gets sore.”

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