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Monday’s Three For All recap: Tim Benz binges on ‘True Detective’; man sends sex spreadsheet to wife; local cancer patient asks for birthday letters

07.21.14 at 2:36 pm ET
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In Monday’€™s Three For All on Middays with MFB, Tim Benz, Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria discussed HBO’€™s “True Detective,” a man’€™s poor way of informing his wife of his frustrations in bed and one 5-year-old boy’€™s special birthday wish. To listen to the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

Over the weekend, Benz purchased the DVD box set of the critically-acclaimed HBO show “True Detective,” which had he not seen before.

“€œI never really watch shows, I’€™m not a TV show watcher,” Benz said. “Unless it’€™s ‘Family Guy’ or ‘South Park,’ that’€™s pretty much what I’€™m limited to.”

Benz finished the entire eight-episode first season over a two-day stretch, and was overall torn on the final product.

“€œI crammed. … I stayed up really late on Saturday night, I watched the first five episodes, which I really enjoyed, and the last three I thought were crap,” Benz said.

When asked to give the show a grade, Benz gave it a B/B-minus.

“By TV standards, it’€™s an A,”Benz said. “€œBut I have pretty low standards when it comes to looking at TV.”

“I haven’€™t seen it, and now, I don’€™t think I’€™m going to go see it, unless I’€™m on vacation, downtime, don’€™t feel like reading some crap book. … I might try it out,” Fauria said.

– A man didn’t take the best route when it came to voicing his frustration about his wife turning down his sexual advances. The man eventually sent his wife a spreadsheet that listed all the times over the past two months that he attempted to have sex with her and the excuses that she gave to avoid it.

After getting the spreadsheet via email, the woman posted the document on the social networking site Reddit and it has since gone viral.

“He was obviously trying really hard,”€ Fauria said, adding: “He thought he’€™s make an Excel spreadsheet, which is stupid, because you just made a bad problem worse. Now she’€™s really not going to have sex with you.”

– Merloni brought up the story of Foxboro native Danny Nickerson, a 5-year-old boy who was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer last fall.

Nickerson, who will turn 6 on July 25, gets a huge boost when he receives cards with his name on it in the mail, and he has already received over 40 letters leading up to his birthday.

Merloni gave out Nickerson’€™s address out during the segment and urged everyone to send a card his way for his birthday.

“Let’€™s get some birthday cards out to little Danny and let him just enjoy  seeing all the cards in there, seeing his name on all of it,” Merloni said.

Cards can be sent to Danny Nickerson, P.O. Box 212, Foxboro, MA 02035.

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Monday’s Headlines recap: ‘Maverick’ actor James Garner passes away; Johnny Manziel makes late-night scene again; Andrew Luck owns unimpressive car

07.21.14 at 8:33 am ET
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Here are the highlights from Monday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with John Dennis, Gerry Callahan and guest host Jerry Thornton. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Acclaimed actor James Garner dead at 86

Versatile actor James Garner, notable for his television roles on “Maverick” in the 1950s and “The Rockford Files” in the ’70s, passed away Saturday. Garner, who also appeared in movies such as “The Great Escape” (1963) and “The Notebook” (2004), was 86 years old.

“You’re probably too young to remember ‘Maverick’ on television, aren’t you? 1957 to 1960,” Dennis asked Callahan.

“Didn’t watch much ‘Maverick.’ I was a big ‘Rockford Files’ fan,” Callahan said.

“He set the template for the guy in a prison movie who can get you things,” Thornton said of Garner’s role in “The Great Escape.”  “He was the precursor to Red in ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’ ”

Johnny Football takes in L.A. nightlife

Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is at it again.

The Texas A&M product continued to reinforce his party-boy persona last week, spending time at the Los Angeles club 1 Oak LA with celebrities such as boxer Lennox Lewis and actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper and Robert Pattinson.

“He is the guy most likely to be a future ’30-for-30′ episode about him flaming out,” Thornton said.

“The one thing I’ll give him credit for is that he’s not pretending to be something that he’s not.” Callahan said. “He is a party animal, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. If I’m [Browns coach] Mike Pettine, I am scared to death and hoping Brian Hoyer can do the job.”

Andrew Luck drives underwhelming car

MSN autos released an article detail the various cars owned by NFL stars.

While players such as Reggie Bush (Lamborghini Aventador) and Colin Kaepernick (Jaguar F-Type) possess the vehicles that most would assume that wealthy NFL players would own, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck drives a considerably less impressive car: a Honda Accord that he shares with his sister.

“That’s why everyone knew he was going to make it, because he was always that way. Just completely focused on the job,” Callahan said. “I think [Seahawks quarterback] Russell Wilson is that way, and people have very little doubt about him.”

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Friday’s Three for All recap: Revisiting American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro; when to bring a date to a wedding

07.18.14 at 1:30 pm ET
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In Friday’s edition of Three for All on Middays with MFB, Tim Benz, Christian Fauria and producer Joe Zarbano revisited American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro and whether or not to bring a date to a wedding. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

On Thursday, the guys talked about Catanzaro, a Towson University gymnast who became the first woman to make the final of American Ninja Warrior. Benz and Fauria continued to discuss Catanzaro on Friday after Benz linked to her Instagram photos, her diet and her ninja submission video, which has over 100,000 views, on the MFB home page.

“It is Kacy Catanzaro madness on the Internet, she is all over the place,” Benz said.

Benz and Fauria broke down Catanzaro’s photos and her abdominal muscles.

“I’ll admit, a little too abby,” Benz said.

Fauria said: “Well, she was a gymnast. I love the whole ab look.”

“Her abs are a little much,” Benz said.

Given Catanzaro’s new stardom, Fauria asked whether or not her boyfriend should be worried.

“He is panicked,” Benz said. “It was great for about 24 hours. Now this is like A.J. McCarron with Katherine Webb. This is the exact same thing.”

– With Lou Merloni off for the day, Zarbano brought his own topic to the segment. He asked the guys whether or not he should bring a date to his friend’s wedding.

“Would this be a guaranteed close for you?” Fauria asked.

“No,” Zarbano responded.

Zarbano said this person someone he could be interested in dating, but isn’t sure whether or not he wants to introduce her to his friends.

“Have you ever seen the movie Wedding Crashers? Do not bring a date to the wedding,” Fauria said. “I’m telling you, don’t do it.

“If you work at it. That is the perfect place to meet girls.”

Benz said: “You’ve got to look at it from an NFL draft point of view. Bringing a date is sort of like you only trade up in the draft if you absolutely know you have to have this player. If it’s a guaranteed lock and just a few drinks at a wedding to be the closer, then yes, bring her. Otherwise, don’t bother. All the other girls that are not her and are single are thinking the same way.”

Zarbano said: “I’m going solo.”

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Friday’s Headlines recap: Missile downs Malaysia Airlines jet; Jerry Sandusky’s son talks to Oprah Winfrey

07.18.14 at 8:39 am ET
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Here are the highlights from Friday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with John Dennis, Gerry Callahan and guest host Steve Buckley. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Missile downs Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine, killing 298

A suspected Russian-made surface-to-air missile downed a Malaysia Airlines jet with 298 on board Thursday in a controlled section of Ukraine. The attack killed all 298 people.

It was an area of Ukraine that most Asian airlines had stopped flying over in March for safety concerns.

“It’s a dangerous area and the pilot says, ‘I can save a half-hour, let’s just go through it,’” Callahan said.

Said Dennis: “We’ll get you to the gate on time.”

Callahan then used the situation to take a shot at President Barrack Obama, saying jokingly, “This was so bad they went right from the airline and shot down to war in Gaza, that Obama only played 27 [holes of golf] yesterday. Forget the 36, we are stopping after 27.”

Buckley said: “If you can’t go after Obama on tangible stuff, you make up stuff.”

“[Obama] mentioned it for 40 seconds, and then chuckled about Joe Biden back in Delaware and then he went to two fundraisers in New York, do you think that was appropriate?” Callahan said. “I don’t even understand why he wouldn’t cancel the fundraisers. He’s so concerned about appearances, right?”

He continued: “Don’t you have to give the appearance of toughness and concern. There were 300 dead.”

Buckley took Obama’s side, saying, “We can debate whether or not he should’ve changed his schedule. I don’t think he lacks concern, I’m comfortable saying that.”

After the debate subsided, Dennis played audio clips from ABC News’ John Wendle, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and Obama.

“You know who doesn’t make enough money? First responders,” Dennis said. “Can you imagine being first on the scene, dealing with that image?”

Callahan said: “Just think every time you head out to work, you’re going to see blood, limbs, death.”

Jerry Sandusky’s son talks about bedtime ‘ritual’

Matt Sandusky, the adopted son of former Penn State assistant football coach and convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky, spoke to Oprah Winfrey about the alleged sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his father.

“It’s his adopted son, which is even sicker levels of depravity,” Callahan said.

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Thursday’s Three For All Recap: ‘Ted’ gets sued; The Rock’s herculean diet; 5-foot-0 gymnast conquers American Ninja Warrior course

07.17.14 at 2:28 pm ET
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In Thursday’s edition of Three For All on Middays with MFB, Lou Merloni, Tim Benz and Christian Fauria discussed the lawsuit filed against Seth MacFarlane and his “Ted” character, The Rock‘s new diet for his upcoming “Hercules” film, and the fist woman to reach the American Ninja Warrior finals.

To listen to the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

According to new copyright infringement lawsuit, Bengal Mangle Productions is claiming that the obscene and crude teddy bear Ted from the comedy of the same name is a an imitation of “Charlie the Abusive Teddy Bear,” who talks, drinks and acts just like the vulgar teddy bear that helped gross over $500 million at the box office.

“I’ve seen the video,” Benz said. “[Charlie] is a bigger bear. There’s a person inside the bear suit. He’s not quite as cute and cuddly as Ted looks to be. He doesn’t have quite the Teddy Ruxpin look that Ted has. … He’s a little rough around the edges. One thing it isn’t is funny. It’s not funny at all. … Maybe Seth just throws him a couple hundred thousand under the table and say, ‘Go away.’ ”

“I’d pay him a couple hundred grand, come up with a little settlement to be able to use Charlie [in "Ted 2"], and beat the hell out of him in the movie,” Merloni said.

– As if he wasn’t imposing enough already, actor and former WWE wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has gotten downright ripped for his new role in the film “Hercules.”

To achieve the physique to play the Greek hero, Johnson ate seven meals a day, consisting of 18 ounces of steak, 16 ounces of halibut, 16 ounces of chicken, 5 1/2 cups of rice, 14 egg whites and more.

“œSeven meals,” Fauria said. “You really need to live your life and everything around your life has to revolve around sitting down and eating. If you’re going to be a meathead, ripped-up actor, or just ripped-up, you’ve got to find time to eat.”

Kacy Catanzaro, a former Towson University gymnast, became the first woman to make it to the final of America Ninja Warrior. Despite being just 5-foot-0 and 100 pounds, Catanzaro breezed through the obstacle course with little issue.

“She’s the new ‘it girl.’ She’s going to be all over the place. If she wins this competition, she’ll be hosting the ESPYs next year,” Benz said.

“We couldn’t do it,” Fauria said. “You have to be that little gymnast-type guy. Lots of upper-body strength.”

“Well, ninjas are renowned for being 6-foot-5, 250, are they?” Benz said.